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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A soliloquy...

A soliloquy

I know not whether you hear me,
Doesn`t matter.I walk alone.I talk alone to thee.

I discard the shackles that world snakes around,
Broke free.I am free.Wings took me above ground.

I see the dancing flames that devour all souls,
I burn in hell.I burn within.Fire dwindling,throw more coals.

I pray in desire of deliverance and infamy,
I kneel.I genuflect.I bow to the idols of the tyranny.

I aspire the heights of the mountains rise,
I jump in ecstacy.I fell all inspired and wise.

I sometimes wonder at the ignominy of the journey,
I sail alone.The caption of the ship alone takes the tourney

Sher-o-Shayari 6


Jalsa hi maloom na tha is takdeer ka,
Ki khaak ho gayi roshni chamakne se pehle.

Aaj jaanib aai hai jab wo pehli dafa,
Hum kabr se nikalne ko tayaar na the.

Shayari muflisi ka hi ek shor hai galib,
Ki dil ki aawaz ka tehkhana to humne bhi nahi dekha.

Har manzar me ab aapka saya shor karta hai,
Deedar to barson pehle chhin liya tha aapne.

Khayalat me ab raha karta hai tumhara aks,
Ki roz tumhe dekhne ki haisiyat nahi.

Tere mohalle se guzrega kal janaza mera,
Ki teri khooshbu jaanat me le jaane ki khwaiish hai.

Gehrai is nazm me nahi hai aye saaki,
Ki jaam hi ab dil me utra karte hai.

Tanhaii ka shor ab bebas sa hua lagta hai,
Tere jaane ka ehsaas ab paraya sa lagta hai.

surkh ho gayi hai ab kalam ki syahi likhte likhte,
Ki ab ghazal me bhi aapka deedar nahi milta.

Khadim ki ye hai peshkash aakhiri,
ki maut bhi ab aane se mana karti hai.

A Rummy Affair...

Rummy Affair..

I was not surprised,
When the knife was prised,
As it is the day was gloomy,
An ominous pall fell on the lair,
I saw through it.A rummy affair!

She looked in the eyes with full of wonder,
My heart rumbled with booms and thunder,
Can`t figure why the change of guard,
It smelled fishy,both to the baron and the bard,
I learned a lesson never to dare.
I nosed into it.A rummy affair!

The kettle gave a strange wheezle,
It burned!bounced & let out a fiery sizzle,
Far from the dinner I was promised,I surmised,
A strange boil,an arcane mix was on the side,
All the caution and the sagacity was on the spare,
I smelled it from far.A rummy affair!

The setting was one with a filmy flair,
The ugly horse was after the fair mare,
But romance was nowhere to be seen,uninvited!
Television also blared gory gobbledygook,blighted!
It was a night where the stars hid behind the dark veil out of fear,
Even the wind rustle was missing,I guessed the end was near.
I bade my host sayonara from long.A rummy affair!!

Flipping through the pages...

Flipping through the pages...

I saw & wondered!Then something I remembered!
The sands of time slip by quick,
The chimes of the old board the return ship.
Flipping through the pages of life,I remembered & I wondered!

The cobwebs have taken their hold on the memories,
Grime have soften the strong bonds of the eternal coteries,
Unfortunate it seems,but the almanac is now dusty,
The pages are tough to turn,all worn and rusty.

Years have passed since I entered the forgotten hallows,
The remains of the good times proliferate,staring back are the shadows.

Severance of bonds of the old took away that tether,
Tell the bleeding heart,the blood pumps whither.

Clicked albums have forgot the negatives that came before,
Memories have gorged out the back eyes,darkness only bore.

I tried to tell myself not to take the rotten path of the old,
But alas! the heart blinks stupidly at the years that were forged of gold.

Gathering disjointed thoughts,I saw myself looking at a forlorn picture,
The eyes bubbled with laughter, mouth a sad-grim mixture.

So long! I said and closed the book that was home to the skeletons of the past,
I said to myself,'Wonder when I saw through my facade last.'

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