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I wonder! The time was surely early, I was sulking, getting all the more surly, Morose! I gave up on the work, Little did I knew, the fat angel was on the lurk.
When I first met you, I knew! When we saw last, I didn`t. The boil had a pretty palpable stew! Added that spice much uncalled for! Wish I hadn`t.
Met you and I knew myself!! A mirror!! The echoes of heart I heard in your eyes, Thought about you and I remembered myself!!A cellar!! Promises I made, in keeping your trust grew in size.
No tethers! We agreed! But strings of heart knot alot, Smiles and tears, wonder why they are the same, Pining! Each day was full of joy! But your presence I sought & sought, My pen and heart aren`t one, but both then why scribble your name.
Moon shone through your tangled tassels, sigh! Wordless walks said a lot to you and me, Sun danced in your eyes, cared not to wake ere morning nigh! Locked fingers made all the questions free.
Discovering shades of love, we fought and laughed together, Lest it all becam…