My New Book

Monday, November 11, 2013


Far Away in the dark gloom,
                                            In a night,where never no buds bloom.
My thoughts stole themselves,
                                            Mind bereft like no books on shelves.
The bliss needed no name,
                                       Darkness was both my master and my tame.

Stars hid themselves in the hangers above,
                                                             I too shrunk in my feelings,the lone alcove.
Needless was the struggle,I knew,
                                                 Bland were the spices,blotchy was the stew.
The horizon spread,calm and oblong,
                                                    Silence in perpetuity was the devil`s gong.

Trees hung on their roots,barely a life,
                                                   Moon was half too,as if someone had a large knife.
I trotted,unknown and aimless,
                                              The crescendo cut through the air,albeit soundless.
If only I had walked in the realms of dreams,
                                                                 The bite of this reality was harsh,rough were its reams.

Still I looked on,Thoughtful and living,
                                 For neither could I see the white dome,nor the shilling.

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