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Monday, December 24, 2012



Flowers Bloom! Alas, they will fall!!
Going away! A task no mean, no small!!

But there isn`t any glory in coming back!
For there`ll be only ruins, piled in an insensitive sack!!

Wisdom says in a hushed whisper!
Permanence is in no earthly form or fixture!!

Flow like a river, perennial abound and running!
Free from bonds,vagabond,sly and cunning!!

Be stable like a mountain, stand proud and tall!
Attain new glory and height, even cherish the mighty fall!!

The fury of storm is lesser than the trembles of the heart!
Far away there is hatchling, waiting for wings, for the start!!

Go away! Come back! No head, no tail!
Woods of yonder or roads of new, leave no trail!!

Life is air,water,stock and stone!
You are free soul! Fly!! Make no bone!!

God waits at the finishing line with your next baton!
Welcome pain, pleasure! go and greet the saint and the Satan!!

Detach your inner soul, for it’s not worth the fallen tear or the broken dream!
May your life be a noble sanctuary, and love be your only realm!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


देख लो कुछ ख्वाब की हकीकत की आहट आती ही होगी,
मांग लो उनसे भी तुम जवाब,की सवालों की बरात ये रात बुलाती ही होगी.

फिर न कहना तकदीर से अगर अंगारों सी लथपथ हो जाए वो हर शाम,
ज़िन्दगी को सज़ा लो ख्वाबों से,वर्ना मांग लेगी इस वीरानियत के वो भी दाम.

अक्सर भूल क्यों जाते हो की ख्वाबों की कोई शर्त नहीं हुआ है करती,
न दिन इन्हें भुला पाते है,न आँखों की रौशनी में इनकी हैसियत है बसती.

अपने अक्स के ठहराव को देख मायूस होने से पहले ये तो सुन,
की तेरे ख्वाबों की सच्चाई के धागों से ही तो खुदा रहा तेरी ज़िन्दगी बुन.

हर पल आँखें मूँद अपने माजी से पूछ की क्या है वो जो है तुझे पसंद,
मर्ज़ है क्या ये जान ले मन का,की दवा तेरी ही फितरत में है बंद.

अपने चेहरे से ग़म का पर्दा हटा देख,तेरी मासूमियत तुझे पुकारती है,
इबारत में ख्वाबों की चादर चढ़ा कर देख,मंजिल तुझे खुद लेने आती है.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tell me...

Tell me if the rains aren`t wet this season,
Tell me if the sky is empty of the stars,blank`s the reason?
Tell me about the tears that have dried,
Tell me about the moments you imagined me by the side.

Tell me when you sat alone watching the shining moon,
Tell me when you dreaded coming home too soon,
Tell me true, if the winds bring you my promise,
Tell me o my love, if you have saved the letters and the blissful kiss.

Don`t ask me though, when I will return,
Country fed me for life, now it’s my turn,
I dream of you all the time, even now,
I miss you all this while, and don`t ask me how.

But keep telling me about the chores of the home,
The kids we imagined, the garden all green and a lively dome.
For I will dream in silos, new memories would help me live,
Write me, for the smiles here are very precious and few.

We will dream together, even if miles apart,
We will stand together, like a horse and its cart,
Tell me if how you miss me dear,
For I always dream you being safe and near.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wind and The Sail...

The Wind and The Sail...

It caressed!! swayed,rocked the wood!
Luckily wind was friends with sail and so I stood!!

Slowly,slowly drifting towards the unseen shore,
As if water opened up for me its hidden cozy door!

Unabated,unaided the boat moved as if by magic,
Those who pushed at the wrong time,oh! so very tragic.

Lone I was albeit elements offerred their kind company,
Wind rustled,water gurgled,cold too joined in the symphony!

Sail,sail along I said! for there are no prejudices ahead!
Welcome the honest water,it sweeps everything in its stead.

Life,it seemed was running in slow circles in the boat,
But the pure love of nature was worth taking a note.

Far ahead the land showed its ugly head,
Only the wind and Sail I said! or I rather be one of the dead.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Come with me....

I might not say it. But listen.
I might not call you. But understand.

The enigmatic overtures of love are everywhere I look. One thing that trespass beauty,physicality and infatuation is the act of unsaid love. I believe in waves. They carry your message across.

The thoughts become clearer with each passing moment.
The mind once fogged, gets air of wisdom once reality dawns.
The visuals, which slowly leave the prejudices.
The heart, which ultimately beats in sync after beating faster.

'First sight love' might be an allegory to most but I feel it as one of the most important ingredient of a successful relationship ahead. And after that first incursion of eyeballs into the deep abyss of all excited heart veins, finally you yearn for that seclusion from one and all.
The perfect other, your soulmate,shin and shan,all of that comes to the frequency with which your heart resonates. Human heart is a personality within a personality. The ultimate thrill in love is to make other person beat in sync, with your harmony. There might be one thing or two things that you really share but that is enough to render you powerless to one another. Love is indispensability to other`s life. You don`t want to miss a moment of someone`s life.
Verbal acceptance of love is just the final step of a marathon. The real race is run by two hearts together, bound in love, excited by presence of one another, unsure of future and yet in a pleasant bliss of underlying and unstated feeling of love. Love grows. It’s a parasite that sucks your attention. It feeds on your senses and need to love.
The dreamy world of thoughts and remembrances gets hazier as time moves on. The sight & voice of a person which once was there, now absent gives/creates a longing in the senses. Notwithstanding a beautiful mistress in hindsight, mind creates chimerical situations one after another obeying the will of a beating heart. But when it is not about some info rather a person, mind creates a subliminal impression of that person buttressed often by imaginative and wishful aura around that relationship.
           Often getting back in touch reveals more than you have ever surmised. New frame of references gets created as you disregard your preconceived notions formed in one time frame & clears the state for a fresh beginning. The lesson here is that always float on the boundary that separated reality & romantic illusion. You never know when the one side will push you to the other.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rocks of the mountain...

They were pebbles;
Green-red lables,
I turned stone,
Made no bones.

The weather clement;
Earth was savant,
Crevices cracked unbound,
thunder came again and sound.

Rocks of the mountain,
Clouds of the fountain,
Came down the sky,
no excuse,no why.

The dust settled,
those living rattled,
Rocks came down,
Mountains still home bound.

The vertigo was much,
But the fall was such,
The beauty increased,
All insecurity ceased.

We all are at the top,
Will come down in a hop,
Think of the rocks on the mountain,
Earth calls all,common or main.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And they said I swam!!!

And they said I swam!!!

Taking turns,seconds counted me out,
                           Never got a chance,to whine or to shout!
Picking up the pieces always,laid battered to the ram,
                           Tide owned me,and they said "I swam!"

Writing few exams,I emptied my pot of luck,
                           When the real ride began,wheels sprayed on me only muck!
Friends were benign,always gave me the free lift,
                           Parents guessed too much,said "I have a god gift!".

Girls came few,I was a slow debonair,
                          Boy inside cried for help,soon lost on his hair!
The tag of "decent boy",a white elephant that eats too much,
                          The ego came all  in a caravan,now leaving on a single crutch!!

I rounded on the lethargy,drafted a new resolution,
                         Dreaming that afternoon,knew that was not the solution,
Cursed the heavens,for there were none to blame,
                         Every night was moonly shallow,every sun  brought me days all same.

Money matters! I learned when the windfall ceased!,
                        My life is stilla loan,every painful smile leased.
Carefree,I astutely wasted my all precious time,
                       Never mind! I still have a pen and my words still rhyme.

But thoughts are naughty companions,stick longer than the regular wife,
                        My legacy an uncut butter,my future a rusted knife!
Foretold was the fact aloof,infamy would be my only fame,
                       Dolphins only gave me the kind ride,and they said "I swam"!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ride On!!!

Ride On!! 

For the long journey, I rode on...
For the small I always tarried...
And it was the home which I longed for...
For the houses were always storied...

Ride on! I said...
Ride on! They said!
What if the sun goes down and the moon never comes,
The rain splash heavy or the chills block the ear drums,

The spirit of the rider backs the black and outshines the silver,
For each turn brings the De-gama and wroughts the gulliver.
Nothing is in vain when you are tripping on the edge of knife,
This turn it is life and on the other it brings the eternal wife.

Ride on! The passing trees whispered!
Ride on! The bumps and the breakers gestured!

There are no rules, though you must create them,
Never look back, welcome those who left and came,
Truth and dare are two brothers, who come in pair,
Never veneer off the road, there’s nothing to despair.

Ride on! The aching heels commanded!
Ride on! The numb hands demanded!!

There will be journeys where the heart will burn and spirits deflate,
Just thump the engine and let the wheels gyrate...

Ride On!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ah! The morning!!!

Ah! The morning!!!

First ray twinkled through the crevices,
My eyes welcomed the warmth,sleeping tired were my devices,.

Marigolds turned heads,birds chirped up the morning,
Wells sparkled the cold water ,winds whipped the yawning.

Hills rolled till the eyes could see,
Brooms of heaven,swept the land & tree.

Rays streaked while the clouds played hide and seek,
I felt blessed,I felt weak,felt overawed and meek.

For I snared beauty,I sensed the grand design,
Neither far was the sun to touch,neither to dive deep was the blue ravine.

What we learn or own today is not cared for in heavens,
Glory will be given,all to whether beggars or mavens.

Joy was never forever to see,the sun will set one day,
Revel,revel or wait for hours for the new ray.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morphed Insanity....

Morphed Insanity....

The eyes blank! a Pitless well staring at the afar light.No longing.Darkness meant nothing.Red spots streaking the lenght of the eyeballs as if everytime they shed tears,a thunderbolt came down,daring them! mocking them!!
No definition,no explaination!To eke out one,it haunts the burdened soul.Justice is now 'Just '-' Ice' on the eternal savage wounds.Leave it!Don`t talk about it.No vivid images as they once came,only flashes!flashes flying too fast to hurt.It might have been another lifetime,another sufferring,only for there was no pain.
Funny!Pain you escape,pain you detest,but little and almost inadvertantly you realize that only choice is to embrace it.More of a poison that needs willful drinking to be cured.My itch is now gone.Vanished!!
To think is to waste.Cease! Where are the boundaries,I feel none.The scope is suddenly on a huge canvass albeit without expectations.Dreams are such a reality now,they hardly stand out and surprise.But you think about me as a pitiful,woebegone,devoid of the pleasures that you set store your life by.I don`t think about you.Neither about anything.I don`t think.
Blank! Cosmic darkness.Just as it all started.With intermittent flashes ofcourse.Time waits,seconds hold their breath.Numbness find a new altar as it starts to rain.Drip!Drop!-Drip!Drop!The cresendo go from the chaos to being subtle and discernable.
Brain does register something,the heart has become illiterate.A speck of light,a clasp of thunder.God`s final act of opera.
The pores all stream open.The elements devour me;they made me, they had me.Fitting! I go cageless.
From one freedom to another.Eyes flicker,shadow does a final dance,muscles and veins cramp in delight.The 'ON' switch at last accepts the changing winds.
"As if..."

Friday, January 20, 2012



I wonder! The time was surely early,
I was sulking, getting all the more surly,
Morose! I gave up on the work,
Little did I knew, the fat angel was on the lurk.

When I first met you, I knew!
When we saw last, I didn`t.
The boil had a pretty palpable stew!
Added that spice much uncalled for! Wish I hadn`t.

Met you and I knew myself!! A mirror!!
The echoes of heart I heard in your eyes,
Thought about you and I remembered myself!!A cellar!!
Promises I made, in keeping your trust grew in size.

No tethers! We agreed! But strings of heart knot alot,
Smiles and tears, wonder why they are the same,
Pining! Each day was full of joy! But your presence I sought & sought,
My pen and heart aren`t one, but both then why scribble your name.

Moon shone through your tangled tassels, sigh!
Wordless walks said a lot to you and me,
Sun danced in your eyes, cared not to wake ere morning nigh!
Locked fingers made all the questions free.

Discovering shades of love, we fought and laughed together,
Lest it all became too mundanely lovely,
Learning new definitions of love, our feet parted rather,
To part only simmers the love beneath, we learned slowly-slowly.

Joy knew no bounds when your world was all but me,
Back 2 back, timeless we sat in eternity,
Flowers bloomed early, the stars were for ours to see,
Quite separate bodies still were, though souls stood firmly in unity.

The springs made sweet noise, delightful were the paths we treaded unknown,
In love everything is bright, in mist and dark, our hearts beamed and shone,
Guide me!! For my heart is astray!!
Take my hand!! For thorned roses are in the way.

Your beauty is now sinking in, like a good old wine,
I return to our first meeting, made it a holy shrine,
For union of hearts is an event not commonplace in time,
It dwarfs the miracles of god, belittles the verse and the rhyme.

Winged angels came and went; we fall in love all over again,
New is the chill of the winters; fresh are the drops of this rain,
You whispered something & I understood why,
'If only I met you earlier’, said you and began to cry.

Travails of love had to come and they indeed came to pass,
Pain and anguish engulfed you; my sanity also went for a toss,
Albeit that was the last when love hurted us,
For the pain then became a habit, wholesome was the status thus.

Picked! Nibbled! The beaks of the birds at the forlorn tree,
But fruits have to wait for the spring, nature has its way, you see!
Arms were not wide enough; eyes were still not full to the brim,
They savored the return and will, till we again depart to be separate and to be grim.

At last the meaning of love dawned and it mocked!
Ebbs and tides are a part; boat of love loves to be rocked,
On the perch of emotions, it stands supreme though,
Oii!! I thought I had it, love was mine, say no more, whoosh and lo!


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