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Far Away in the dark gloom,
                                            In a night,where never no buds bloom.
My thoughts stole themselves,
                                            Mind bereft like no books on shelves.
The bliss needed no name,
                                       Darkness was both my master and my tame.

Stars hid themselves in the hangers above,
                                                             I too shrunk in my feelings,the lone alcove.
Needless was the struggle,I knew,
                                                 Bland were the spices,blotchy was the stew.
The horizon spread,calm and oblong,
                                                    Silence in perpetuity was the devil`s gong.

Trees hung on their roots,barely a life,
                                                   Moon was half too,as if someone had a large knife.
I trotted,unknown and aimless,
                                              The crescendo cut through the air,albeit soundless.
If only…


To the lands Where I Cried

I sat all alone! Pensive!!
Blocked all thoughts! Fensive!!
                                  I wanted a night alone,felt lonesome.
                                  But mind played tricks with,held me to ransom.

Indifferent ! I am now to pain and pleasure!!
For I had both the devils,in equal measure!                  
                                  Damn!Cross with myself for leaving my land this shore!!
                                  Fact reminded by one letter,the regal origins it bore!!

Illegible!The words written on the sheafs!
Tangible emotions,I sensed them in heaps!
                                  I dare not shed a tear here for it would be wasted.
                                  Even they are partial to the land they once tasted.

Land of Dreams,I came for! NO Stop!
No More dusty lanes,no more stunted crop!
                                  Jealous! I feel from the trees rooted deep!
                                  They know their place,only there they ge…



When I Think,I think HEAVEN;
                                                 The Gates Are GOLD,The Floors are SEVEN!
Yesterday only they told me near;
                                                   Never you have fate,luck or chance as your dear!

I too had problems,loads and loads;
                                                      Many a miles & so few were the roads!
Then I told myself,Listen!
                                       Don`t you do nothing and let your eyes glisten!

HOPE! I heard it in my head; 
                                             DO! for you can`t once you`re dead!
Its all in the head,Saint and Satan;
                                                     Never let stagnate the karma train at one station!

Good things and time come back;
                                                    Only you should have space for hope in your rack!
Time will fly!Oh yes it will;
                                          Do you want your story be just run of the mill?


Solitary confines of the 22 yards!!

You are recognized the world over,the teeming public in stadia and home chants your name,expectations tethered to your bat everytime,lacks of young boys shadow your skills,you have achieved greatest honors you are touted as a game`s great,you are respected and loved,you are .....


In the gloriously fertile space of a genius`s  mind,there exists little room for banality.When you delve deep into your energy reserves to make that dive,you realize you could have done more as you watch the ball racing to the boundary.Oh,how you wish you were four-five inches taller.Win! Win! It doesn't take 100 runs always,and it takes only one run in many ways.Spanking shots,elegant drives,effortless wrists,unpenetrable defense and cold steely eyes and then one dropped chance.You sigh! the world thinks you can make it all up,afterall you are superman,and you think-get back to basics.And suddenly you are the apple of their eyes with 90 to your name while the other guy nonchalantly gets the double …

Random Musings::Heaven on Earth!

Heaven on Earth

The conjecture of  a place well beyond the reach of humans has long enticed our imagination.To us notion of heaven is luring,bordering between our own wistful thinking and reality and dimming the light between beauty and dreams.
Immortalized in movies as a place of rolling hills,vast green lands, beautiful well fed animals living in unusual harmony,with no humans!It seemed that to each one of us we should be the first one to go to that unique place,in silos,with only nature around us( strange! we never include ourselves in our definition of nature).And guess what we have done to go to that place.We are always anxious,getting jealous ,becoming obnoxious,tottering between god-cursing and self demeaning behavior.
And we don't know what purpose our mind,body and heart are there for,we seek knowledge,we seek answers,as if god forgot to fit the answering machine while he went for his supper.Why we don't think pure,why our body aches from the daily routine,why our heart …

The Jaded Thoughts....

The Jaded Thoughts....

Only was yesterday I say,
When today was tomorrow`s ray.

I knew only this much thence,
The beginning would never start ever hence.

Pleasure I felt in your homely cots,
Remnisce! Remniscing life through the Jaded thoughts!

Jaded Thoughts gave me the urn to flay,
They gave me the blasphemy and the steady bay.

For when the senses resign from their senses,
Then the mind looks through the heart`s lenses.

I was alone in the night,was surrounded by the day.
It is when I write,when the real me comes in the fray.

You never ask me what I write,what is it that my pen jots,
Curious! Curiousity was never in my jaded thoughts!

Jaded thoughts,I thought when I was free,
When I had no intentions to keep up or a desire to flee.

Flowers are blooming nigh,rivers are flowing great,
This is not time to ponder,there is no reason to wait.

You were made for spring,the winter froze and gone,
You were made to fly,your spirit was the wings that were born.

The classic life of pleasure and work,
Throw in some int…