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The MBA Story ...

The MBA poem...

Negotiating the contract of my MBA life,
Marketing the discontent in me now so very rife,
Accounting for the losses,pales me like a knife,
Still going strong though,strategising life for a future beautiful wife.

Celebrating the birthdays on the lawns,is very much ingrained in our organisational behaviour,
Sleeping in the classes which redefine boredom limits,was our new principles of management and our only saviour,
Rising apathy to grades or classes,became our new consumer behaviour,
Our demented psychology was dented further,no issues! more the merrier.

Issues that we had in the access of markets known as placements,
Even WTO couldn`t restrict subsidies to us that we expect from our lacks of investments,
We are global,economics national or international,won`t deter us from our dating committments,
Statistics helped in getting a correlation between love and future,to draft futher life agreements.

Racking our brains on how to trade the agri commodities,
We stumbled upon ho…