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Monday, November 15, 2010

The MBA Story ...

The MBA poem...

Negotiating the contract of my MBA life,
Marketing the discontent in me now so very rife,
Accounting for the losses,pales me like a knife,
Still going strong though,strategising life for a future beautiful wife.

Celebrating the birthdays on the lawns,is very much ingrained in our organisational behaviour,
Sleeping in the classes which redefine boredom limits,was our new principles of management and our only saviour,
Rising apathy to grades or classes,became our new consumer behaviour,
Our demented psychology was dented further,no issues! more the merrier.

Issues that we had in the access of markets known as placements,
Even WTO couldn`t restrict subsidies to us that we expect from our lacks of investments,
We are global,economics national or international,won`t deter us from our dating committments,
Statistics helped in getting a correlation between love and future,to draft futher life agreements.

Racking our brains on how to trade the agri commodities,
We stumbled upon how to evaluate a project,its main nitty-gritties,
The information technology & the ERP pounded some more atrocities,
Atleast we studied Business Research Methods well,which I hope `ll save us from impeding calamities.

The Framework of the sectors got slowly diluted by the UWL scoring structure,
Attending Working Capital Management was unfortunately never a stricture,
International trade operations course to our dismay,came out to be a croppper,
IETP atleast taught us the economics which has substance and matter.

Some lucky souls went with student exchange,waded through snow and fun,
Albeit going to Singapore for port visit has no equal,nodded everyone without any pun.

Retail banking taught me difference between a cheque and bill of exchange,
Business ethics taught me nothing,can`t figure out the change,
Rural marketing targets marketing inclusion,covering its full range,
The numerous formats in retail marketing left my mind to derange.

We merrily set asail the ITL learning ship,
Oh no! another POM!stars in the class!!let me take a kip,
Business strategy talked the universe,except strategy,over which we took a skip,
Comprehensive Viva came and gone in a jiffy,get up!,I said!! bud in the nip!!

Came third trimester and we started learning on exotic parlance,
Spanish remained a mystery,we all looked at each other in stealy askance,
Mandarin!! thank god I never took upon,the noodle language must be a nuisance,
French is a language elite,so many test!phew!! salute to those who took this stance.

Business law crosshaired us to become business barristers,
In ARM we entertained with movies and games,were reduced to being mutual jestors,
Operations Research theorems mercilessly took away the crow of the roosters,
Dissertation we`ll give in last trimester,more of a burden really,a hole in the joy-holster.

Supply chain we applied for the booze,exam answers and other sins,
Trade finance catered to our "trade of finance" and profit wins,
CCM tried to take us unwillingly to other cultures`s underpinns,
GEEP creeped upon our senses,seeped in our psyches,dazed we looked! like ugly mannequinns.

Made a small talk of the busines communication course,never learned how to animadvert,
The hullabaloo of the Mergers and Acuisitions often had pupil`s ambitions subvert,
The Transparencies were not very transparent afterall in GSBD,fundae remained covert,
Personal touch in ITAM did very little to pursuade the non-class goers to convert.

I never took the risk associated with taking DRM as a subject,
Although CTPRM and ITCPM sound alike,they never made sense to me,hence the reject,
SAPM I don`t know much about,in ignorance I genuflect,
APM left me high and dry,ads my marketing ignorance I suspect.

Now here we are,at the threshold of the two year MBA journey that promised us the stars,
Live projects,CV points,competitions all fine,just give me my friends,everything else is a farce,
I think they are my resume,they are my dream profile,they are the Iphones,they are the fancy cars,
Looking back at the two years,I definitely can say that IIFTians are a different breed,and we definitely are from mars!!

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