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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Come with me....

I might not say it. But listen.
I might not call you. But understand.

The enigmatic overtures of love are everywhere I look. One thing that trespass beauty,physicality and infatuation is the act of unsaid love. I believe in waves. They carry your message across.

The thoughts become clearer with each passing moment.
The mind once fogged, gets air of wisdom once reality dawns.
The visuals, which slowly leave the prejudices.
The heart, which ultimately beats in sync after beating faster.

'First sight love' might be an allegory to most but I feel it as one of the most important ingredient of a successful relationship ahead. And after that first incursion of eyeballs into the deep abyss of all excited heart veins, finally you yearn for that seclusion from one and all.
The perfect other, your soulmate,shin and shan,all of that comes to the frequency with which your heart resonates. Human heart is a personality within a personality. The ultimate thrill in love is to make other person beat in sync, with your harmony. There might be one thing or two things that you really share but that is enough to render you powerless to one another. Love is indispensability to other`s life. You don`t want to miss a moment of someone`s life.
Verbal acceptance of love is just the final step of a marathon. The real race is run by two hearts together, bound in love, excited by presence of one another, unsure of future and yet in a pleasant bliss of underlying and unstated feeling of love. Love grows. It’s a parasite that sucks your attention. It feeds on your senses and need to love.
The dreamy world of thoughts and remembrances gets hazier as time moves on. The sight & voice of a person which once was there, now absent gives/creates a longing in the senses. Notwithstanding a beautiful mistress in hindsight, mind creates chimerical situations one after another obeying the will of a beating heart. But when it is not about some info rather a person, mind creates a subliminal impression of that person buttressed often by imaginative and wishful aura around that relationship.
           Often getting back in touch reveals more than you have ever surmised. New frame of references gets created as you disregard your preconceived notions formed in one time frame & clears the state for a fresh beginning. The lesson here is that always float on the boundary that separated reality & romantic illusion. You never know when the one side will push you to the other.

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