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देख लो कुछ ख्वाब की हकीकत की आहट आती ही होगी,
मांग लो उनसे भी तुम जवाब,की सवालों की बरात ये रात बुलाती ही होगी.
फिर न कहना तकदीर से अगर अंगारों सी लथपथ हो जाए वो हर शाम, ज़िन्दगी को सज़ा लो ख्वाबों से,वर्ना मांग लेगी इस वीरानियत के वो भी दाम.
अक्सर भूल क्यों जाते हो की ख्वाबों की कोई शर्त नहीं हुआ है करती, न दिन इन्हें भुला पाते है,न आँखों की रौशनी में इनकी हैसियत है बसती.
अपने अक्स के ठहराव को देख मायूस होने से पहले ये तो सुन, की तेरे ख्वाबों की सच्चाई के धागों से ही तो खुदा रहा तेरी ज़िन्दगी बुन.
हर पल आँखें मूँद अपने माजी से पूछ की क्या है वो जो है तुझे पसंद,
मर्ज़ है क्या ये जान ले मन का,की दवा तेरी ही फितरत में है बंद.
अपने चेहरे से ग़म का पर्दा हटा देख,तेरी मासूमियत तुझे पुकारती है, इबारत में ख्वाबों की चादर चढ़ा कर देख,मंजिल तुझे खुद लेने आती है.

Tell me...

Tell me if the rains aren`t wet this season, Tell me if the sky is empty of the stars,blank`s the reason? Tell me about the tears that have dried, Tell me about the moments you imagined me by the side.
Tell me when you sat alone watching the shining moon, Tell me when you dreaded coming home too soon, Tell me true, if the winds bring you my promise, Tell me o my love, if you have saved the letters and the blissful kiss.
Don`t ask me though, when I will return, Country fed me for life, now it’s my turn, I dream of you all the time, even now, I miss you all this while, and don`t ask me how.
But keep telling me about the chores of the home, The kids we imagined, the garden all green and a lively dome. For I will dream in silos, new memories would help me live, Write me, for the smiles here are very precious and few.
We will dream together, even if miles apart, We will stand together, like a horse and its cart, Tell me if how you miss me dear, For I always dream you being safe and near.

The Wind and The Sail...

The Wind and The Sail...

It caressed!! swayed,rocked the wood!
Luckily wind was friends with sail and so I stood!!

Slowly,slowly drifting towards the unseen shore,
As if water opened up for me its hidden cozy door!

Unabated,unaided the boat moved as if by magic,
Those who pushed at the wrong time,oh! so very tragic.

Lone I was albeit elements offerred their kind company,
Wind rustled,water gurgled,cold too joined in the symphony!

Sail,sail along I said! for there are no prejudices ahead!
Welcome the honest water,it sweeps everything in its stead.

Life,it seemed was running in slow circles in the boat,
But the pure love of nature was worth taking a note.

Far ahead the land showed its ugly head,
Only the wind and Sail I said! or I rather be one of the dead.


Come with me....

I might not say it. But listen. I might not call you. But understand.
The enigmatic overtures of love are everywhere I look. One thing that trespass beauty,physicality and infatuation is the act of unsaid love. I believe in waves. They carry your message across.
The thoughts become clearer with each passing moment. The mind once fogged, gets air of wisdom once reality dawns. The visuals, which slowly leave the prejudices. The heart, which ultimately beats in sync after beating faster.
'First sight love' might be an allegory to most but I feel it as one of the most important ingredient of a successful relationship ahead. And after that first incursion of eyeballs into the deep abyss of all excited heart veins, finally you yearn for that seclusion from one and all. The perfect other, your soulmate,shin and shan,all of that comes to the frequency with which your heart resonates. Human heart is a personality within a personality. The ultimate thrill in love is to make othe…

Rocks of the mountain...

They were pebbles; Green-red lables, I turned stone, Made no bones.
The weather clement; Earth was savant, Crevices cracked unbound, thunder came again and sound.
Rocks of the mountain, Clouds of the fountain, Came down the sky, no excuse,no why.
The dust settled, those living rattled, Rocks came down, Mountains still home bound.
The vertigo was much, But the fall was such, The beauty increased, All insecurity ceased.
We all are at the top, Will come down in a hop, Think of the rocks on the mountain, Earth calls all,common or main.