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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wind and The Sail...

The Wind and The Sail...

It caressed!! swayed,rocked the wood!
Luckily wind was friends with sail and so I stood!!

Slowly,slowly drifting towards the unseen shore,
As if water opened up for me its hidden cozy door!

Unabated,unaided the boat moved as if by magic,
Those who pushed at the wrong time,oh! so very tragic.

Lone I was albeit elements offerred their kind company,
Wind rustled,water gurgled,cold too joined in the symphony!

Sail,sail along I said! for there are no prejudices ahead!
Welcome the honest water,it sweeps everything in its stead.

Life,it seemed was running in slow circles in the boat,
But the pure love of nature was worth taking a note.

Far ahead the land showed its ugly head,
Only the wind and Sail I said! or I rather be one of the dead.

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