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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Tete-A-Tete With God....

Knock Knock!!!

"You there?"
"But since when, i didnt notice you!"
"Long time,u seemed to skip me these days alot."
"Good that you are here,i could use some help."
"I know, you only call me when u r in trouble..."
"leave jest aside! you know me."
"No! I dont!"
"Is it so difficult?'
"You are none better than a UFO"
"HAHAHAHA,So you have finally bought some sense of humour,good going"
"Are you kidding me?"
"How can i?"
"Should i show you the history of my journey? you have always kid me and yourself.."
"Search yourself"
"how can i?"
"why should i teach you ?"
"since when you have started to ask for something in return ?"
"Calling you by your name is a pain"
"why? my mother calls me just as i am "
"she is priveleged!And i am confused!!"
"I wish we could swap places..."
"The grass is not green this side,though something else is.."
"Leave that,ask away will feel better.."
"I have never spread my hands in front of anybody .."
"I know,you have always given..but wont you give alms to yourself too?"
"A such time will come,but till then aid me .."
"You always misunderstood me!"
"I doubt that little observation of yours!"
"Why then you always crib about my ways?"
"Because i know that there are better ways..."

Silence ensues...

"so,what have you thought?"
"Dont you know it ..?"
"I can pretend if you want me to.."
"Okay ,time out ..tell me what you want..and then we can go our ways .."
"We can never be yourself the effort ...still i want you..."
"Till the end of my times...?"
"You got it !!"

More deafening silence...

"I prayed for you today.."
"Why?finally pitied on me ?"
"No,i thought i would save you the blushes..."
"Hahaha ..very funny indeed.."
"And ya you are someone to be pitied,but not someone who is pitiable"
"Why you speak in tounge which bites and kisses the same instant"?
"Thats me ,take it or leave it .."
"Dont barter with me wont find another buyer...the thing belongs to me only neways."
"But i can sever the pact..."
"Do it..."

Sudden blast of moonlight interrupts...

"Isnt it beautiful..?"
"Yes,but thats not the only thing which is .."
"Your intentions are noble,but execution pathetic ...still you deserve better.."
"Where is this conversation heading ?"
"To us!!!"

An asteroid disturbs the train of thought...

"Hey!I am like you!"
"Big deal!!"
"Why discourage me to becoming like you,i learn so much from you ..."
"Dont be a daft!! atleast ape someone better!!"
"How do we converse?'
"What sort of question is that? obviously through heart..."
"Good,and since your heart and mine are one ...i am you .."
"Incorrect analogy !!!,since your heart and mine are one ...I am you.."
"What difference does it make ?"

Flying on the back of a shooting star...

"Pardon my wrong deeds!"
"Why ask me at all ..?"
"I dont want to go to altar .."
"As if you would be forced..huh.."
"You test my patience.."
"And you take mine.."
"Are we quits then?"
"Till the next time atleast ..yes .."
"Hey!!That was easy..."

A time warp speeds the discussion forward....

"So,having fun?"
"I so very like the fun part..."
"Its very much like the first time we met"
"True,but i wont testify the time and place.."
"Honestly,your disposition offends me to the hilt."
"Why is the above thing a first between you and me.."
"Its been repeated since ages..."
"Hang on ..u never told me this.."
"U never asked !!"
"U never gave me a chance.."
"U never took it..."
"Where is this discussion heading towards...?"
"I think we are tending towards us ..."
"The unity?"
"No...the ONE"
"Ok..Cool...But do it fast ..."
"I am restless..."
"Dont be..I will spread the word .."

A solar Flare creates a nuisance.....

"Was it not you i first saw?
"Yes,it was the same for me .."
"Hows that possible?"
"I dont know"
"Then who knows"
"Your guess is as good as mine.."
"Ya,isnt it?"
"Tell me the meaning of are in better position to tell me .."
"I thought you were better placed to answer.."
"I am only a..."
"And ya ...As if i am anything else than ..."
"According to me ,life is ..."
"And according to me it is ..."

A black hole eats the rest of the conversation.....

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