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My Tete-A-Tete With God....

Knock Knock!!!

"You there?"
"But since when, i didnt notice you!"
"Long time,u seemed to skip me these days alot."
"Good that you are here,i could use some help."
"I know, you only call me when u r in trouble..."
"leave jest aside! you know me."
"No! I dont!"
"Is it so difficult?'
"You are none better than a UFO"
"HAHAHAHA,So you have finally bought some sense of humour,good going"
"Are you kidding me?"
"How can i?"
"Should i show you the history of my journey? you have always kid me and yourself.."
"Search yourself"
"how can i?"
"why should i teach you ?"
"since when you have started to ask for something in return ?"
"Calling you by your name is a pain"
"why? my mother calls me just as i am "
"she is priveleged!And i am confused!!"
"I wish we could swap places...&quo…