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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Fury!

The road rides with me,turns & bumps!
My fury scorches it too,scars & burns!
I don`t feel anything now,fire or wrath!
And I dont remember what I lost or won,the math!

The sky teases me,goes away as I ride close,
The hills roll besides as if reciting a prose!
My mind ignores the visage so soothing and clean,
For the heart burns,waiting only to vent the spleen!

The wind lingers on,fighting me side to side,
The wheels burn their rubber & learn to abide!
I take joy in the hell I make out of heaven,
There`s no returning from it,there`s no raven!

The anguish inside bubbles but never errupts,
The hate vapourizes fear but never corrupts!
I am thinking clear after ages of torture,
Hate is my wound and anger is my suture!

There is nothing else I would do than burn,
The wheels my weapon,every inch every turn!
What melts in heart is now a vapourizing fuel,
This world is a ring and I am ready to drive and duel!

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