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Friday, May 28, 2010

ThE cOdE oF lIfE tHaT gOt tHe vInCi BuRiEd In My HeArT sHiFtInG iN hIs GrAvE ...

Creativity kills innocence.Innocence if absent leads to knavery.Knavery is stencilled in a mind full of ruses.Ruses demand creativity.

The above conundrum is not logical.Neither it is making any sense.But for some people being devoid of sense is the most sensible thing.I hate to make comparisons,but i  find my sense very common in this world whereas according to this world, common sense is not very common to my senses.An artist when left with no inspiration to draw will meander helter-skelter and will bump into a mediocre rationalisation of his own thoughts that beg him to be inducted.Our mind is full of thought layers.The top layer is the layer of the rehearsed:we eat by taking the morsel via our hand(Right/Left doesnt matter) and shoving it doen our esophagus.The layer below is the layer of experince: dont let the boss know you are not working and you will be fine.The layer which is lowermost is the meditative layer,the layer of deep understanding,the layer full off blue water,the layer full of pitch black space,the layer of life code.
               Philosophically preaching to someone might not be a very good idea as we all have a deep understanding of how to decipher the meaning of a certain blip in time.But its the conscious level i am talking about here.The more enlightened we are about our ability to think beyond our mundane and moribund thoughts,the more sane we are.Mollycoddlying or spoon feeding is something that hampers growth,of the mind and of the soul.The morse code of our thoughts which in a fleeting gesture makes us cringe and in another makes us become subservient to our epicurean instincts is highly ingrained in our complex nervous filigree and demands its deciphering by constant rebuttal of negative thoughts.
        When sir arthur conan doyle gave the man from london the acute sense of grasping clues and resolving mysteries,he must have actually himself waded though those mysteries first.When we see something as complex and untenable,our natural reaction is to avoid seeking the answers.But greatness comes from seeing the simplicity in a complex scenario,seeing the word in a sentence,seeing the fading and sly smile on the face of mona lisa!Authoritative interference when coupled with our innate fear of being underprepared to handle the vagaries of destiny may render any weak(read: not awoken) soul gasping for deliverance.But the undercurrent of our life is the way we mould our clay,the underpinning question of "how we handle things,rather than how others have handled it before" if answered with prudence and enduring strength, will lead to the key of all that is unlocked.
             "Too long we have denigrated our lives,too long we have lived in darkness,too long we have groped for the unknown strands,for eternity we have fought the battle that started,raged and proliferated within our minds only".Its time that we dont bow down,we understand the understated,we let our hair down.Going by face value,we cannot look down upon those who failed in this grail quest.We all have tried to crack the code of life,some of the enlightened ones were allowed to pass in the realms of unclouded certainity,some are still left in the lurch.
                 I long to be free from the shackles of dependence on others,to be complete in my own right. I long to let my creativity flow in the glacier of unmindful and lawless brand of thoughts.To move in tandem with yourself dayin & dayout is a big challenge.Measuring my patience against my own will to break rules,i find that there is a hiatus in me achieving complete dominance over my insticts.When i create, i look for life in that creation.When a face stare at me after i have scratched my pencil for some hours,i long it to be all that what i could not be.Creativity gives us an escape route from the reality,gives our mind a narrow alley to go to and hide when confronted with harsh realities.But i like to be creative.I think ,all the time.Even when i am lost in the dark and unidentifiable territory of my dreams i am nothing but in limbo between my thoughts and my fantasies.Its like i finally get the license to go and live my fantasies without inhibiting my thoughts.    
                              Words belie! They deny us!They dont speak our mind.They are diplomatic servants.All we have to do to let them have their snake like tounge infest our hearts and fill our praise hungry mind to brim and Ahoy!! we submit..Human tounge in partnership with the lacuna of positive thoughts creates a grim situation.We should think more.Saying less doesnt help either.Our thoughts if orchestered properly are more like a waltz,albeit without a partner.We crave for a thought partner.I do!I want someone to share most of my thoughts( i cant divulge all now can I?).Someone who understands the unspoken,the unstated ,the imperceptible to others.We look for eyes with assurance,words that care,touch filled with compassion and a heart that beats in our symphony and beams with its counterpart.The outgrowth of our reach seeks new hosts to parasite.Its time we do some serious soul searching.
          Our pursue to seek solutions to all our problems and bring an end to the abberrations is a never ending one.It is the drive that we live with and if all our problems are resolved,we would better be making our way towards fire atop 4 shoulders.
Think about it!!!


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