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Friday, September 8, 2017

Away and Gone!

Away and Gone!
I cannot live without you, I did warn,
But I don't fear you being away and gone!

You come and go from life like a fad,
Don’t you know your apathy makes me angry and sad!

Saying I need you would be playing your ego,
I just want to see that without me, how far your heart will go.

Making up for time when you aren’t here,
I would often hold my other hand, thinking you are near.

Treading on my wish to see you again and more,
You come to me all worked up, your eyes all sore.

Call me anything, but don’t deny me your time,
Not always love when left alone ages like a good wine.

Go through my letters once, if you would care,
There you`d find all my tears wrapped, my emotions bare.

If you wanna  go, go away once and far,
For I cannot wait forever just gazing at the brightest star.

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