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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Warmth of cold nature

High and night! Dry and cold!
The weather was nasty and I bold!

Dark was vision,but feet were sure!
That direction was right,and heart was pure!

Thunder strikes and the ground shakes!
I wonder what is it that the baker bakes!

Counting in the blind,my eyes are open!
Nature beckons me,its fury no pun!

This is life,of natural chaos and beauty!
Free from tethers of any relations or any duty!

I hear my soul after long,it desires itself!
This body is a baggage,it offers no help!

To be with nature,understand freedom!
Let go of fear,find order in random!

As I walked towards the night and cold!
My mind kept saying-Hold,hold-hold!

And when you reach the eye of the storm!
Relax your soul,for it is fearless,without any form!

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