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Imagine the creativity within ...

Imagination Fails to Impress upon Ideas Of Creativity...
Creativity plays hide and seek with imagination...

The greatest mismatch!The round peg in the square hole!The wrong sword in the scabbard.Still they are very much connected.By a thread so loosely woven that the cloth is almost threadbare.I dream,I imagine,I pour my heart out on paper.But what`s the level of grain that these two sheets share & are able to rub upon each other?
         When I think about the immense possibilities that my mind throws at me & when I am circumspect of my senses,be it vision,touch or auditory ,I am deceived.The unhinged collusion is automatic & it culminates into an beautiful hypnotic chimera.

     Creativity fills my heart!It dominates my vision and transcends my sense of time.The srewing of nut makes me to look beyond the mundane rotation and draws my eyes towards the markings and how they move and accept each other`s presence.In a fishbowl,I seldom see the creatures rebounding off the glass…

Listen To What The Vuvuzela Says..

Are we listening to the Game?

The realistic Oxymoron of Fair IPL auctions;the unrealistic oxymoron of cash rich hockey team;the fantasy of some olympic medals;the hullaballo over foreign teams playing in the FIFA world cup.
                 Some of the things that are dominant in the minds and times of a average sportsman when he thinks about sports in INDIA.The advent of corporates in the sports arena has set the cash counters tingling ,but it has also brought the snake of corruption with its fangs, slithering and stalking.
            The IPL is rapidly becoming a graveyard for pure cricket.The cricket ball instead of being hitted out of the park by a batsman finds itself swinging reverse between the warring factions of the indian cricket board in a game that more resembles a musical chair.But what is the problem that has plagued the concept?what has got into the mind of the owner of the golden goose?Is he going to kill the IPL..He has almost done it.
     The Problem with IPL is the in…

My Tete-A-Tete With God....

Knock Knock!!!

"You there?"
"But since when, i didnt notice you!"
"Long time,u seemed to skip me these days alot."
"Good that you are here,i could use some help."
"I know, you only call me when u r in trouble..."
"leave jest aside! you know me."
"No! I dont!"
"Is it so difficult?'
"You are none better than a UFO"
"HAHAHAHA,So you have finally bought some sense of humour,good going"
"Are you kidding me?"
"How can i?"
"Should i show you the history of my journey? you have always kid me and yourself.."
"Search yourself"
"how can i?"
"why should i teach you ?"
"since when you have started to ask for something in return ?"
"Calling you by your name is a pain"
"why? my mother calls me just as i am "
"she is priveleged!And i am confused!!"
"I wish we could swap places...&quo…

The Day I Got Literally Elevated....

"Vaishnodevi Sojourn"

Jai Mata Di!!!
The cry that fills every heart with prayers and sanctity was coming from every direction.The air was laden with waft of sweet divinity.The believers were singing,dancing and chanting in sync with their climbing feet.I was in trance.I was in awe.Never before my mind felt this milndlessness.I was experincing bliss.
                       It all started when i recieved a phone call from my brother.He asked(actually told me!!)me to come to delhi for a trip to the sacred mountain of Mata Vaishnodevi which he had planned alongwith his three other friends.And I set sail.Catching the train to delhi was the first task,so after that i was left with the task of finding my brother`s new dwelling place.As i didnt had any google maps or GPS with me,and the rickshawallah knew the place as good as me,it took me a good 1-1.5 hours more than it should have to dump the load on my back.
      After a sumptous meal and a refreshing bath in the afternoon,my well f…

InCoNgRuOs InErTiA...

What if i am powerless to write a blog ?

The day my hands are hacked off,the day my eyes are impaled,the day my brain is addled...that day i wont be able to write anymore.

What a beautiful nightmare that would be.Only that i am not the one on the good books here.I would stare in the abyssmal depths of my incongruous mind that would never return the favour.My thoughts though will be there somewhere playing hide n seek with me,luring me to have them escribed.But that condition would be bliss.No expectations,no anticipations,no feedbacks...just me and only me.
  The Shangri-La of my dreams constitutes of a place where everything is understood,my emotions,my desires and are expeditiously fulfilled.No praying to a higher force,no cribbing about luck,no fueding with wrongdoers,the only thing one would be doing is revel.The Pair of pennons when flapped would take you soaring to the acme.The earth`s crust immense heat would tingle you.A wonderla when comes to you unsolicited,you wont do anything…

Future is not only bright...its going for a supernova ..

A brief future of my time..

I like all people out there crave for success.I would like to bask in the glory light.I would love to be adored,appreciated and ofcourse loved.A very simple thought alias wish.But if i am striving for these things to materialise,at the same time a polarised force is in constant motion to negate my moves.Even if we are running a race that is on the different tracks,my nemesis has the power to render me diffident while i chase down the horse of success.
                       Chasing this white horse is a task hitherto pursued by many,but a few have been able to maintain their energy reserves for the length of the track covered by this quadruped.And whats worse is that once you get hold of this beast,it is never in the mood to be tamed.constantly hinning,rejecting your advances,it stamps its foot on your carrassing hand,it shakes off your climbing legs.The bad part is to know how to tame it.Contarary to popular belief ,nobody can be taught how to do it.That is …

A Philosophical Soup For The Soul...

Selling my soul to myself and then haggling over the price....

"I wont buy",saying this i move forward!
 The shadow runs after me, offering a better barter.But i dont budge.I cajole him further to release his Purse-strings further.And finally he concedes to my ploy.As he pulls me back,i sense my blood cells doing a victory march and saluting my shrewedness by having the pilous stand up in unison.
                           The realisation that i have just duped myself doesnt even cross my two thinking hemispheres.This is a iterative process,a Recursive function wherein your mind thinks that it has outwitted itself,whereas the truth is that it has been outwitted by itself.The paradox doesnt solve itself,but instead it grows on you.
                              Taking the liberty of Sphinxing myself,my whole persona embodied in a creature yet undiscovered,i see the trickery that forms the core of every organ and every cell of my running crimson fluid.My heart cheats my brain,my b…