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Way forward...

I cant see ahead,ah! the fog is at bay,
But the future is very clear to me?nay!

I cant surmise what I have in store,
But that is the essence,that is the roar.

If future was all clear,god! if the path was all clear,
Wont I would be sitting idle,wont I be waster,Oh dear!

I suffered the ignominy of love and hate,
But all trasitory ,all in a spate.

The present times are much more exciting I say,
What future holds is nothing,even seer are blinded by the present ray.

I might sound frivolous,I might end up being a novice,
But I want to mend the things at hand,I want to fill up that leaking crevice.

Becoming someone you desire,having someone you aspire,
Will all happen in good time,let me drip blood,let me perspire.

Even god doesnt know how the knots would untangle,
Never put your money on wealth or health,it will mar,it will mangle.

Money again is the kin of king of jungle,never
 pursue,never anger,let it clink,let it slumber.

We all belong to different strands,to different destiny,
Never compare…

Final Salute...(1)

So it ends....

I might have been sleeping in the cot,
The day would have been just that shiny and nightsnores would have been in lot.

For you came along and stole me,
I was never the same,the life was imbued,I was beside me.

The frenzy of the days was frozen in the mist of nights,
When you churned me over,and ideas flowed in a prill of brights.

The time had wings to it,I failed to see,
Worried about mundane things,never cared about thee.

Soon the new dawn would bring the curtain down,
I would miss the toil,that scowl and that frown.

I keep missing the details of this adventure,
The broader picture now is the fresco,our future.

I recluse from the fact that it is bound to be this way,
Maybe I should intervene,maybe my heart should have its say.

The high and lows,the ebbs and the tides,
We have burned through the hell,we have mastered the rough rides.

Never grudges stayed with me for long,
I wish!cant a miracle happen,let it prolong.

The countdown has started,let me be a part,
Never let me forget,never let …