My New Book

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Why? I ask in might!
Are these fauna & trees in sight?

Aren`t they free to be destroyed or hunted down?
To create space for the cement & spires,our jewel,our crown?

I am sure I am in a mad dream of past.
Who now has time to ponder that waste is aghast!

I hate the dew from heaven because it is so pure,
When we already have humanity and love to endure.

Why? I ask with right!
Are these houses not dark,full of light?

Power befits only few who can weild,
Stacking and stepping over those who burn and build.

I don`t know why the clamor for some godly spirit to come?
Gashes in earth and clashes in wars are so fun.

I hate the dew from heaven when it pours!
To all that is green and pure,in hatred my heart roars!

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