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One day ,Two matches ,Third trimester....

I am watching the match between Kolkata Night Riders and Mumbai Indians.
But it seems the match is between only 1 team and 1 player.Sachin is at his roaring best today.He has already carved the KKR bowlers for 8-9 fours and he is looking good for many more.I am now curious to know what is the horizon for this sun of indian cricket who has been prophesized very incorrectly by hiscritics as a setting one.
                 Move over cricket and IPL.Another sport that used to capture the attention of the millions of indians had an extravaganza of sorts in delhi,two weeks ago.Hockey World Cup was a success ,not for the indian team but for india as a organiser.I was fortunate enough to be able to watch two matches,infact the very last two of the tournament.I was very much awed by the play in both the matches.If only i can say that about the indian team performance.The ghost of underperforming indian team(read hockey not cricket) lingers on.                  
I got up late on saturday and just…