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The Game Memory Plays...

Memry & My Mnd: Hw do I Rmeber the frgoten & ho I fogt the unfogetn

Zero sum game of my mind reaching out to a globule of my brain to brainpick the hidden brainwaves that have got lost amongst the stockpile of blabber and claptrap that not only is polluting the evirons in the neighbourhood of the soft matter beneath my hard skull but also are making my memory an unmemorable chimera is now down to its slog overs.
Just as I was seeking the lost information, a new plethora of bytes came knocking at the doors of the sentries of my nervous system. Already fuzzy and already overprocessed,the brain`s search engine returned results that would even put the erstwhile MSN to shame. That piece of information demanded by an extended agent is often harassed by the beaureaucracy that`s prevalent in the inner system gets house arrested & often is threatened by the goons of the inertia mafia.Flummoxed,flustered and deeply agitated, the mind puts the checks and balances in place to solve the…

My Hand At Poetry ...(1)

Prose’s...verses....sonnets...don’t know what they are called...
1. Beautiful sunrise, awesome sunset;   The nature played with me in jest;   Mind rejuvenated after a well deserved rest;   I could now see the beauty in the birds returning to their nest.
2.  Dark forces taking over the fortress of love;  The pure lighted heart now hiding in an alcove;  Mindless abyss, the world was now in a tow;  I wondered who the hell started the row; And then the dark knight comes with more seeds to sow; I shudder at the prospect of having to show; The skeletons of my closet now on my brow; Still the light kindles in the heart, though slow; I am hopeful that I’ll fight off the foe.
3.  Just as I was putting the bill through; Her hands came and threatened to sue; Our eyes locked as if in a truce; My heart adding that needed spruce; Our match finally then ended in a deuce.
4.  My life comes about a complete circle; It just can’t come up with a manacle; The changes happening now are so subtle; That I can’t decipher anything in…