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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ride On!!!

Ride On!! 

For the long journey, I rode on...
For the small I always tarried...
And it was the home which I longed for...
For the houses were always storied...

Ride on! I said...
Ride on! They said!
What if the sun goes down and the moon never comes,
The rain splash heavy or the chills block the ear drums,

The spirit of the rider backs the black and outshines the silver,
For each turn brings the De-gama and wroughts the gulliver.
Nothing is in vain when you are tripping on the edge of knife,
This turn it is life and on the other it brings the eternal wife.

Ride on! The passing trees whispered!
Ride on! The bumps and the breakers gestured!

There are no rules, though you must create them,
Never look back, welcome those who left and came,
Truth and dare are two brothers, who come in pair,
Never veneer off the road, there’s nothing to despair.

Ride on! The aching heels commanded!
Ride on! The numb hands demanded!!

There will be journeys where the heart will burn and spirits deflate,
Just thump the engine and let the wheels gyrate...

Ride On!!!

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