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It Was Never The Same.....
Smoke Billowing, tyres I followed, No last sightings! My throat swallowed.
Roses mourned the departure! Gave up the fragrance, I too saw more nights, darkness became banal -night dawned on hence.
Memories are fickle, they change like water, The heart ink is still fresh; it fails to better the blotter.
What festoons is a chasm, a valley of thorns and fire, Mind still laughs at the bleeding heart, ignores the satire.
Again to start! Again to build! Fight! Regain!! Alas! It was never the same again. It will never be the same again.
Reflexes slow, still courteous, bowed to the will easy, Senses got the biggest blow, all numb and queasy.
Time chooses its moments now, a telltale of lost grounds, The seed you nurtured hides somewhere rotten beneath the earthly mounds.
You had to leave someday, a simmering doubt told me yonder, But why leave a garden of heaven, the manner ripped me asunder.
Groggy eyes, belying saunter, the mornings stopped fresh and dewy, Evenings tell the glory of s…

"Club-bing The Nation"