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Dont Wait For Love...Feel It...

"Seldom I felt you" ,"Often I waited"

Are you within me or it is just that air that shivers past in your lacuna? I can`t answer this.My lips quiver but they fail to meet.Your absence is one big truth but your presence is an even bigger truism.
   Laggard as I`ve been,I still beat those who feel that life`s a race ..I know better.I know its not about who finishes atop but about who finishes.My patience waivers,yet I wait.Irritated,I often chuck the threadball of romance out of the window,but I found much to my chagrin and in equal measure delight that its one end is always tied to my heart sleeve.Impossible to seperate,I coil back the inhibitions.
        Every other face I cast my steely eyes on,I see you,I expect you.I anticipate that surprise thump on my back from the alley corners I frequent.A face,unblemished,full of sunny disposition beams at me with all its strength.I feel that radiance,that power which helps me define you for you.You are everywhere,yet you are …