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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Rants..(2)

Organised Flutter of Random Mishaps..
Partly a motley,partly a union,crowd gather.You can very well tell that they were conscious.The hum of a thousand and more heartbeats beating out of sync,yet in some resonance,was creating an atmosphere of uniformity.I dread being part.
          Randomness is where my choices lay.To have a formula is to die.There is no such thing as organised crime.If there is ,it is not a crime.Even in the seemingly flawless tick of a second hand,there exists chances that might cause it to miss its beat.
                   Lest I fall into the miasma of serene mistakes that often have a pattern of repeating themselves,I choose the faraway mask of celebrating uniqueness.
  But the saplings have seeds in their guts,that I forgot.Slyly,I remnisce!Coyly I regret!Shamly I apologise.Rarely I go back on my mishaps because they leave no imprints,beacause they are random.No option of greater success can befuddle my addled brain to choose wisely.
             Simply taking a backflip into the enchanting mist can be immensly rewarding,as there is no randomness,neither there is impossibility of an organised result.You submit.You move over and above the results.You transcend.
       One direction,you look at hellish fires,other at the sight of greens of heaven.Don`t count the steps!!You are in bliss.

Lets Look Left...

Playing With Fire..Hell n Back.
Bribe me!Please!! Let me corrupt.Don`t worry about me going to hell! I want to go there myself.

Money!thats what drives me.It frees my insolence.Don`t indulge me too much though.But just give me enough to worry about.Getting on the wrong end of the stick doesn`t worry me any more.Actually I feel that all this while,education,morals,rules..they were there to make sure that there is a smooth transition from morals to more-'Ale's.Once you bite the golddust,you cannot go back.A monk can ofcourse sell his ferrari but he can`t past with tryst with luxury.Achieving salvation is also a luxury.Its a sin.But to escape the wordly sins to make the altar of the unworldly is itself a sin.One always is envious of himself first and then of others.You can`t escape the feeling,so drown yourself in it.Year by year you escape the inevitable.Getting waylaid by some goon or get some goon waylay someone for you is a fool`s choice.
                  Don`t be mistaken.Love is another form of many a peril one sidewalks straight into.Addiction is bad.Atleast when you are amongst the addicted,you feel part of,you don`t deel addicted.'Being high' means going high enough to pardon those souls who lie low and who envy your vertigo,albeit hidden in the veil of non-conformance.The parlance is getting mixed now.The filthy rich are nowhere filthy,the brawn is getting more brown as years pass by.Pure breed are a thing of the past now.Everyone is everyone now.We all are a family.A family which corrupts together,which wins together,which raps the knuckles of the wrongdooers together and which revels in the misery together.
                          On a tangential note,archery requires a bow,arrows and a target.What else?..hmmm a vision perhaps? it is the most important and the most frequently forgotten ingredient.But where to get all these in one place?There,there..don`t worry,its all in your head,flirting with fire,skirting around your lower drawers is considered fashionable anyways.Thieves act their thievery as if it`s a show that they are bringing out fot all of us.I feel that there is a mass driving emotion aka force in every generation.Thievery is certainly the emotion which is ruling the roost at this time.
                      Generations by generations,now are being enlightened to the succour in asking for more.More is no longer the cuss word to aspire,its no longer the wicketkeeper batsman we all loved to hate,but it is the emanicipation of that satanic theif that now has been euphemised as hunger drive.Wanting something,aiming for it and conspiring for it is the way of things now,we no longer wait ,we no longer believe in the world to conspire for us to make something happen,for the world is itself caught in the cycle akin to a dog chasing its tail.
           Nothing inspires us ingenuity ,nothing depresses as drudgery.Being smart is inchoated in the psycho of psychos.Psychos are now smart too.They are no longer the wide-eyed,toothy and slimy goons.They would loot you,yes! and in a way you would choose to be looted by them.
              Yesterday I met an old friend of mine.He was looking very drawn out.Very pale and sufferring his countenance seemed.I asked him for the reason.To my shock he pointed his scrubby hand at me.His hand lines were nowhere to be seen now.And I gasped.In one sudden realisation,I knew the reason for his plight.Because I left him behind,I neglected him all these years.
He was my conscience.   

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