Saturday, October 14, 2017


I am here for a moment and not more,
Oh the rivers, they are perennial, water ever so pure.
I look around and I see immortality from my mortal eyes,
One glance I see the plains, one glance the mountains rise.

Far away from the truth, my life strolls on,
While the centuries in the mountains roll on,
Asking me, what is your significance, why this pride,
Even the soil is humble, infertility is its second bride.

There are moments when the visage dwarfs and humbles,
Says to me-Do you really know how the nature`s cookie crumbles?
Maybe I am a city rat and I am doomed to not understand,
That my life is a myth of seconds, a castle of brittle shape and sand.

Perennial is the goodness and the work of the greats,
Which I have forgotten somewhere beneath the closed mind and modern weights.
Truth be told, my ego is what has lived on the longest,
Even my bones creak now, not the strongest.

I know only my work and my words can be perennial after I am gone,
Not the skin and the body, a suit which everyone`s forced to don.
But I am sure I will be born again and well,
For perennial this soul is, I say-let it dwell.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Away and Gone!

Away and Gone!
I cannot live without you, I did warn,
But I don't fear you being away and gone!

You come and go from life like a fad,
Don’t you know your apathy makes me angry and sad!

Saying I need you would be playing your ego,
I just want to see that without me, how far your heart will go.

Making up for time when you aren’t here,
I would often hold my other hand, thinking you are near.

Treading on my wish to see you again and more,
You come to me all worked up, your eyes all sore.

Call me anything, but don’t deny me your time,
Not always love when left alone ages like a good wine.

Go through my letters once, if you would care,
There you`d find all my tears wrapped, my emotions bare.

If you wanna  go, go away once and far,
For I cannot wait forever just gazing at the brightest star.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Wings of Dreams

Flying through my dreams,
I visit times,of fond dimes and lost chimes.

Ever when I wonder where my life has flown by,
I close my eyes and ask my dreams for the wings to fly.

There were some innocent blunders,some beautiful fights,
Some lost advices,some bleak and dreary nights.

Should I count the years gone by,
There were few in which my heart didn`t cry.
I relieve days spent with lost friends and ancient games,
I feel the erstwhile pain of the bicycle falls and fear of the future fails.

I forget the sanctions of life and time,
As I rout my insecurities and sweeten the brine.

Recounting vague memories make them larger than life,
In some I am the best there is,in some I walk on edge of knife.

Time when smile was sweeter than honey,
Place where care was important than car and money,
I dream of small moments and fleeting success,
I look for a new me sans books and with a rucksack.

There in those pits of my memories I come across my angels and demons,
There my heart sinks,my brain is wowed but my worries are buried in caverns.

Nostalgia hits me hard when I wake up from my reverie,
Still my senses in fool`s paradise,amongst dear coterie.

Wings of dreams are better than life,
There possibility is endless,miracle is rife.
They say to act is great,to dream is to squander,
But ask someone who relieves a lost moment,reclaims a lost wonder.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

अथक, अजय, अचल,

Dedicated to all those brave men-women who are fighting for,fought for,will fight for this great country of India! Peace!

अमिट  है  ये  कल्पना ,
जैसे  अथाह  है  ये  जल ,
उठ  और  साकार  कर ,कोई  विकल्प  ना ,
बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

तुझसे  ही  उम्मीद  है ,तुझसे  ही  ये  कल ,
खींच  प्रत्यंचा ,चढ़ा  धनुष ,अब  देर  ना  कर .

बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

हो  तुझमे  संवेदना ,हो  तुझमे  वो  ललक ,
ना  कर प्रतीक्षा ,ना  कोई  संदेह  जाये  भड़क ,
कर  ले  वीर रस पान  तू ,यही  तेरा  पवित्र जल ,
बस  याद  रख -बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

बलिवेदी  वीरो  की  है  उस  चंद्र  के  समान ,
जो  निशा  के  अंधकार  में  दे  सूर्य  का  प्रमाण ,
कह  ले  तू  भी  एक  बार  वो  मंत्र  चल ,
बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

संध्या  और  भी  आएँगी ,मन  अब  ना  तू  कर  विचल ,
सवेरा  रंग  जाए  तेरी  लालिमा  से ,करे  कुछ  ऐसा  चल ,
धर  पकड़  अपनी  इच्छा ,कर  ले  वश  में  तू ,ना  अब  फिसल ,
बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

कतरा  ना ,ये  तो  है  तेरा  धरम ,
संकल्प  ले ,बीड़ा  उठा ,भीष्म  जैसा  परम ,
तू  वीर  है ,आशीर्वाद  ही  है  तेरा  हथियार ,तेरा बल ,
बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

रक्त  तेरा  गाढ़ा  हो ,निकले  ना  घावों  से  जैसे  जल ,
रोक  लेना  उन  प्राणों  को ,की दुश्मन  अभी  भी  है  प्रबल ,
साकार  हो  तेरा  सपना ,बने  स्वर्ग  अपना  ये  कल ,
बन  अथक ,बन  अजय ,बन  अचल .

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I wish!

I wish I was a kid still...
I could watch the rain from my old window sill..

If only I had the access to the past...
I could race ahead of everyone just so fast..

Pity that wouldnt have made difference to our fortunes...
We would still be singing to the destiny`s drums and tunes..

So when I brood what I wish the most ever...
It is to reclaim my innocence,I wish I would have lost never..

To cry out to my mum,when I am in trouble...
To keep dad unaware about a mischief,a bursting bubble..

I long for that smell of my old house and the rusted gates...
I never imagined that I would no longer climb atop to reach to the dates..

Home is where our people are,not any house alone...
We spread ourselves too thin,and miss the tip of the cone..

The plains and the dust I brought along...
How heat or sweat never interrupted,rain forced us to broke into a song..

The sound,sights and smell I long for are still there,lost in memories...
But the senses are no longer of a boy,who was the chief of all mischeavious coteries..

Silly games have turned into greed and gratification...
Oh how I wish to trade my money for my childish imagination..

I wish,they quickly invent time travel...
So I can go back and again play in the dirt and gravel..

Time is cruel,with its own devilish whims and pace...
Better make peace with it though,life is not a race..

Thursday, September 8, 2016


एक  मुद्दत  की  शिकन  थी ,
सौ  यादों  का  सामान  था ,
वो आँखें  दो  दरिया  ही  तो  थी ,
वो खिलौना  ये  दिल  ही  तो  था .

बाजार में  आये  तो  जाना  क्या  कीमत  है ,
बेमोल  वर्ना  समझ बैठे  थे  इस  दिल-ए-नादान  को  हम ,
रुसवाई  हो  ही  गयी  है  जब  तो  ये  हाल  है ,
की  खरीदार  भी  हो  गए  है  कही  गुम.

तमन्नाओं  की उस  राख  को  सीने  से  क्या  लगाए  अब ,
जब  काश  की  चमक  भी  धुंधली  हो  चुकी  हो ,
किसे  इलज़ाम  दे ,किसे  काफिर  कहें  अब ,
जब  इस दिल  ने  ही  अपनी  रूह  की  आबरू  लूट  ली  हो .

मौत  तो  है  एक  सस्ता  सौदा ,
इतने  हम  खुशनसीब  कहाँ ,
ना वफ़ा  मिली ,ना  रहा  औहदा  ,
फरियाद  करने  के  लिए  भी  अब  होश  कहाँ .

दिल  है  बस  एक  शीशा  अब ,बिखरने  तो  तैयार ,
एक  एहसान  की  दरख्वास्त  कर  लू  शायद ,
की  कोई  रहम  करे ,एक  पत्थर  ही  मुझे  दे  मर ,
जिस्म  टूटने  को  बाकी  है  बस ,पूरी  कर  दे  रिवायत .

तौबा  करके  चले  हम  इस  जन्नत  से ,
की  जहाँ  और  भी  है  जहन्नुम  से  बदतर ,
कुछ  सीखो  इस  खामोश  जनाज़े  से ,
जब  दिल  बने  खिलौना  तो  यही  है  मुक़द्दर .

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Fury!

The road rides with me,turns & bumps!
My fury scorches it too,scars & burns!
I don`t feel anything now,fire or wrath!
And I dont remember what I lost or won,the math!

The sky teases me,goes away as I ride close,
The hills roll besides as if reciting a prose!
My mind ignores the visage so soothing and clean,
For the heart burns,waiting only to vent the spleen!

The wind lingers on,fighting me side to side,
The wheels burn their rubber & learn to abide!
I take joy in the hell I make out of heaven,
There`s no returning from it,there`s no raven!

The anguish inside bubbles but never errupts,
The hate vapourizes fear but never corrupts!
I am thinking clear after ages of torture,
Hate is my wound and anger is my suture!

There is nothing else I would do than burn,
The wheels my weapon,every inch every turn!
What melts in heart is now a vapourizing fuel,
This world is a ring and I am ready to drive and duel!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

वो पुराने सूखे हुए दरख़्त!

बहुत दिन हुए,अब लगता है आओ चलते है,
उस पुरानी गली मे उस पुराने घर की ओर आज मुड़ते है

गली कुछ सिमटी सहमी से अब लगती है,वो चहल पहल कही गुम है,
वो पुराने दरख़्त अब सूख गये है,डालो पर पंछी भी अब कम है

गली की वो धूल अब कहाँ मेरे पैरों को छूती है,
वो बारिश के पानी की मिठास अब कहाँ कही होती है

यही खेला था,यही गिरा था मैं चलते चलते,
अब वैसी ठोकर के इंतेज़ार मे दिन है बनते गुज़रते 

टायर की उस रफ़्तार मे घूमता था बचपन वो सुहाना,
कुल्फी और होली की राह  देखता था तब मन दीवाना

एक नज़र पुराने घर पर गयी,और लगा कोई आवाज़ देता है.
वो पुराने सूखे हुए दरख़्त से मानो लगा अब भी कोई ‘मैं’ झूलता है.

ज़िंदगी के आशियाने मे कुछ मोड़ पीछे रह गये है,
पर एक सास भर और उस घड़ी मे लेने को मान होता है.

दोस्तों को नही ढूंढता की मालूम है मेरा बचपन नही रहता यहा अब,
कोई खिड़की खोल दे मौला कभी तो मिल आऊँ उनसे सब.

गहरी है यादों की ये नदी,डूबने को मान करता है.
उस पुराने सूखे हुए दरख़्त से फिर बातें करने का मान करता है.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Warmth of cold nature

High and night! Dry and cold!
The weather was nasty and I bold!

Dark was vision,but feet were sure!
That direction was right,and heart was pure!

Thunder strikes and the ground shakes!
I wonder what is it that the baker bakes!

Counting in the blind,my eyes are open!
Nature beckons me,its fury no pun!

This is life,of natural chaos and beauty!
Free from tethers of any relations or any duty!

I hear my soul after long,it desires itself!
This body is a baggage,it offers no help!

To be with nature,understand freedom!
Let go of fear,find order in random!

As I walked towards the night and cold!
My mind kept saying-Hold,hold-hold!

And when you reach the eye of the storm!
Relax your soul,for it is fearless,without any form!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The hole in my heart!

There you are!
Standing before me as yesteryears!
I have not changed too!
Your eyes tell a different story though!

There you are! Yes there you are!
The evening is mild,and my heart is numb!
It used to race once at the touch of your thumb!
I get the feeling,like a sea without water.
You are here and so am I,but still it doesnt matter.

You! only you!
My dreams coped once you were gone!
They deserted my eyes,only pangs they borne!
I wished then if I could cut my heart.
But you were the hole in my heart!

I too desired!there was an encore!
But strings are now cut,nor there is any core.
You are someone I knew before.
Now you are just the hole in my heart.

There we are!
I guess its time to part,in person atleast.
The seam of my broken heart needs u the least.
For Yesterday`s dream my eyes cannot smart,
You will always be the hole in my heart.

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