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The GOAT herder Syndrome

The GOAT herder Syndrome

I am not trying to answer who is GOAT or who isn`t. (Last time I checked the four legged creature identified me and vice-versa, and to be honest beats me this moniker of GOAT, couldn`t we could have had a more cool BOA (best of all), at least the snake kills the goat and doesn`t eat  grass!)Neither I`ll be predicting the rise of the monster or the fall of the rooster from the birch top. No soothsayings,no swansongs or tale of a rising not-so-red phoenix(read Murray!!).No!No,not at all. What these points to ponder do when they play tennis between your logic and fantasy while you’re already addled brain playing the immovable and all absorbing net in between? They play with your balls!!Well they lob your thoughts, slice your feelings and moon ball your patience. So no nothings of this sort for me. No praise for federer,no hatemails for djoker,no apparel etiquette tips for nadal(I won`t butt in, I promise!),no fairytale promises to the British tennis fans either.(th…

A Worm Inside....

A Worm Inside....

Stomach squirms at the sight,
Smell splits sides all tight,
I crave for that foody ride,
Afterall,there`s a worm inside!

The itch of reading now not bearable,
Thought patience is there in every parable,
I chose to turn the page side,
definitely,a worm inside!!

Wasting time joyfully always,
Not heeding to what the wise`o`old says,
I loiter the seconds far and wide,
Not my mistake,look!a worm inside.

Teasing,cajoling those around,
'Fun & me',doesn`t that makes a healthy sound,
I cry alone though,my guilt by my side,
Cribbing nigh and night,blame the worm inside.

Praying,keeping faith in lord,
My principles don`t die by the sword,
Rules of the heaven I keep & abide,
In this to hell with the worm inside.