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Success, there more to it ?

Suck-The-Success….Flail the failure…
It has taken me 26 good years to realise the fact that human kind`s greatest gift from the house of god is failure. Failure!! its the most dreaded of the words.It gives you headache,it leaves you with pangs that aren`t cured easy.But it is the greatest gift to mankind.The teacher that everyone searches for-within himself or outside,that sagacity is bestowed upon us in the virtues and vices of the act of failing.  I recall the first failure that I experienced was in the class test in sixth standard.It made my cry.I cried in earnest at not getting the grade I deserved and more importantly the ignominy of that letter "F" on my grade card.But did I learn something that day?The answer that reverberates to me is a 'No'.Failure/disappointment has a strange pedagogy.It teaches with time,it prepares its lessons to coincide with our lives and times.It is a thing that we have to fail to learn.Sure enough the eternal dichotomy of sage and satan,…

New Year...

New Year::: A year that came bundled with energy and promise, Its now ushering in another 365 days of rise and surprise.
The gliterrati that you see marks the end of the last 4 seasons, Leave the misgivings,steal the moment,Rejoice!,sans any reasons.
The day that`ll come tomorrow would never come again, Every year a new dawn breaks,counting your darkness hours won`t be of any gain.
The number that belonged to the year goneby, would reverberate in the increment of celebrations in the year on standby.
Open the palms of the your hands,let go the sadness and deeds, Seek ablution,the warm eyes of the new sun may cleanse your soul,may answer your pleas.
Its another day alright in your burdened life, just try to cut the smog of burden with a positive edged knife.
Greet every soul,for life is too small to not to be nice, Give alms to everyone,lets distribute to all the happiness slice.



Mridang ki taal par jo swar lahriyan uthi naach, Sabhi hatprabh khade rahe,nihaar is mohak mrigtrishna ko aaj.
Sangeet ghul gaya lagta hai is vayu pravah main, Swar madhurya ab hai chahun ore,dhara bhi kaanp uthi hai par taal main.
Sitaar ke sau taar mano tarango se kar rahe hai shringar, Table ke thaap se madmast ho rahi ye bayaar.
Har ek vadya ab jugalbandi me piro raha hai anand ke moti, Raagon ko chhed gayak urvara kar rahe is desh ki maati.
Gher liya hai aamokhas ko shehnai ki lambi taan ne, Veena ke swar me swarg ki apsara avtarit ki hai maano swayam bhagwaan ne.
Samet liya hai sabhi bhavnaao ko in saat swaron ne, Harek bhav-bhangimayein taktaki lagaye hai is mousikhi ke muhaane pe.
Raagon aur tarano ka aaj ho raha adbhut sangam, Apne karnon me sun aanandit ho rahe sabhi ye kampan.
Kya dev kya daanav,sabhi mila rahe hai taal se taal, Aakansha hai sabhi ki is sargoshi me ho jaaye nihaal.


Un pehli paanch kirno ki naachti hui chamak, dastak de gayi mere aankhon par,drumak-drumak, andesha nahi tha mujhe,andhere ka tha main bramak, ab kirno ki nahi,sooraj ki hai mujhe lalak.
Nashtar ho rahi ye nisha,pathar ho rahe ye sitare, kohre ka top pehni ye aabohawa,thithur rahe jeev bichare, kaali raat aa gayi hai,layi hai andhad hawa bin vichare, samay to ab lop ho gaya hai is kaalima me,ghadi ko kya tu nihare.
Badra ki chata he sooraj kar raha hai galbahiye, is aadrata aur is sthirta ko kaise sahiye, is andheri duniya ke chilman ke ab kaise rahiye, apne dil ke andar ki roshni ko kahe ab kaise mukh par laaiye.

Jab falak par bhaskar hua udiyaman, andhera hua kafoor,kaalima hui seeman, Os ki kirne chamchama uthi,ravi ne ki jab apni drishti pradan, khil utha ye sansaar,naach uthe mor,jab ishwar ne diya apni saltanat ka praman.

Aangan me chhayi lalima,harit chadar hi ab dhara ka shringar, panchhi ab har vat-vriksha par hai chahchachaye,sfoorfit hue hai beemar, maveshi aur insano ko hai ab prachur …



I soared in my thoughts and heart, the flight would come later,my eyes smart, I don`t know how it happened,I kept missing the dart, I revel in the lucky escapade,for once the horse was driven by the cart.
The years gone by flash past me, The failures I kept looking at,joy I never see, I wanted that lowest fruit hanging on the tree, finally god also acceded and said-"let it be"
The train of thoughts now was stranded in bliss, Pain I no longer felt,depression!I gave that a miss, The fangs of the devil were broken,futile were his hiss-hiss, The fairy of success stooped,over & gave me a kiss.
Expressing my desire to take the plunge, All excited I leaped ahead,I readied the lunge.
The galoshes were torn,the siege was over, The janitor was now the courtesean,he was now sober, I smelt the freedom of the flesh and the grey clover, I took the sip from the freesdom fluid of the brewer.