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Luck Denies...Deny Luck The Luxury..

Luck Culls : Curse the Spare

Running out of luck?Feeling undone?mistreated?Unjustly persecuted?
You`ve every right to be agrieved!!
But look no further.Your luck is standing just besides you.Cull him,because he`ll leave you anyway.Before your charm takes liking to someone else`s fortunes,you drop the returning ladder.
But everyone I meet seems at edge,seems unlucky.So who is the lucky guy then?Where all the lucks are exodussing?The saying goes opposite poles attract,but it seems lucks are more like honey bees or part of some ant family.They all seem to be struck at few ebony heads born with silver spoons and paddy unblemished feet.These exceptions in the now general law of misery are never pushed to think about whether they are lucky or his distant relative.But they aren`t.They leech lucks,they are like the breeding grounds for enslaving and ensnaring other`s luck charms.
       The definition of the white halo ring  round one`s head rests on the heady levers that conveniently push/pull th…