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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The hole in my heart!

There you are!
Standing before me as yesteryears!
I have not changed too!
Your eyes tell a different story though!

There you are! Yes there you are!
The evening is mild,and my heart is numb!
It used to race once at the touch of your thumb!
I get the feeling,like a sea without water.
You are here and so am I,but still it doesnt matter.

You! only you!
My dreams coped once you were gone!
They deserted my eyes,only pangs they borne!
I wished then if I could cut my heart.
But you were the hole in my heart!

I too desired!there was an encore!
But strings are now cut,nor there is any core.
You are someone I knew before.
Now you are just the hole in my heart.

There we are!
I guess its time to part,in person atleast.
The seam of my broken heart needs u the least.
For Yesterday`s dream my eyes cannot smart,
You will always be the hole in my heart.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Why? I ask in might!
Are these fauna & trees in sight?

Aren`t they free to be destroyed or hunted down?
To create space for the cement & spires,our jewel,our crown?

I am sure I am in a mad dream of past.
Who now has time to ponder that waste is aghast!

I hate the dew from heaven because it is so pure,
When we already have humanity and love to endure.

Why? I ask with right!
Are these houses not dark,full of light?

Power befits only few who can weild,
Stacking and stepping over those who burn and build.

I don`t know why the clamor for some godly spirit to come?
Gashes in earth and clashes in wars are so fun.

I hate the dew from heaven when it pours!
To all that is green and pure,in hatred my heart roars!

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