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"A Wide Angle"::::


The first time i saw her was in a newspaper Ad.She had a bright smile even in an old and battered black n white photograph.But there was that smile radiating out to my eyes and laughing at my dumbness of staring at them.I couldnt get over that feeling.That stinking gut wrenching & nerve wrecking feeling called infatuation.Honestly,that day i was not feeling anything but numbness in my
                                  Her forehead shone through the parting curtains of her curly hair & her inhibitant smile shone through he photograph revealing the very kind of person that she must be: very jovial,intelligent,witty yet kind.
                  That first impression of her left me craving for more info about her.She felt like an arcane companion,that long forgotten friend ,that age old partner who you have missed all these years and who has now come to fore.
     Yet the presence of this person eludes me.What i fail to understand is why my mind and heart seek…