Monday, December 24, 2012



Flowers Bloom! Alas, they will fall!!
Going away! A task no mean, no small!!

But there isn`t any glory in coming back!
For there`ll be only ruins, piled in an insensitive sack!!

Wisdom says in a hushed whisper!
Permanence is in no earthly form or fixture!!

Flow like a river, perennial abound and running!
Free from bonds,vagabond,sly and cunning!!

Be stable like a mountain, stand proud and tall!
Attain new glory and height, even cherish the mighty fall!!

The fury of storm is lesser than the trembles of the heart!
Far away there is hatchling, waiting for wings, for the start!!

Go away! Come back! No head, no tail!
Woods of yonder or roads of new, leave no trail!!

Life is air,water,stock and stone!
You are free soul! Fly!! Make no bone!!

God waits at the finishing line with your next baton!
Welcome pain, pleasure! go and greet the saint and the Satan!!

Detach your inner soul, for it’s not worth the fallen tear or the broken dream!
May your life be a noble sanctuary, and love be your only realm!!

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