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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Worm Inside....

A Worm Inside....

Stomach squirms at the sight,
Smell splits sides all tight,
I crave for that foody ride,
Afterall,there`s a worm inside!

The itch of reading now not bearable,
Thought patience is there in every parable,
I chose to turn the page side,
definitely,a worm inside!!

Wasting time joyfully always,
Not heeding to what the wise`o`old says,
I loiter the seconds far and wide,
Not my mistake,look!a worm inside.

Teasing,cajoling those around,
'Fun & me',doesn`t that makes a healthy sound,
I cry alone though,my guilt by my side,
Cribbing nigh and night,blame the worm inside.

Praying,keeping faith in lord,
My principles don`t die by the sword,
Rules of the heaven I keep & abide,
In this to hell with the worm inside.

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