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Listen To What The Vuvuzela Says..

Are we listening to the Game?

The realistic Oxymoron of Fair IPL auctions;the unrealistic oxymoron of cash rich hockey team;the fantasy of some olympic medals;the hullaballo over foreign teams playing in the FIFA world cup.
                 Some of the things that are dominant in the minds and times of a average sportsman when he thinks about sports in INDIA.The advent of corporates in the sports arena has set the cash counters tingling ,but it has also brought the snake of corruption with its fangs, slithering and stalking.
            The IPL is rapidly becoming a graveyard for pure cricket.The cricket ball instead of being hitted out of the park by a batsman finds itself swinging reverse between the warring factions of the indian cricket board in a game that more resembles a musical chair.But what is the problem that has plagued the concept?what has got into the mind of the owner of the golden goose?Is he going to kill the IPL..He has almost done it.
     The Problem with IPL is the in…