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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Factual Surrealism...The Overt Reconnaissance...The World 'Eyjafjallajokul'ed


I venture out.I brave the elements.I dare to look into the sun.
Thats audacity!!!Such confidence comes from purity.The venerable nature just handed out to me the greenest brochure of mother earth.Everything is so
serene,so simple,so full of life,so beautiful.The green grass invites me to have a nibble at the fresh droplets of just laden dew.The tall trees incite the bird within me to touch their apex.The dusty roads mottled by patches of overgrowth of motley of sherbs run along.The mysterious canopies of shade made by the overhanging specs of clouds waylay me as i drive.
               I drive to the gratification of senses;I drive to conquer the eclectic elements of nature;I drive to the satiation of the eternal hunger.The need ,the want of being nurtured,being pure!All my senses are crying out in
unison to come aboard.The chirps of the parakeets,the buzzz of the bees,the hoot of the peacocks are the things that will accompany me, they will be my accomplices as i prepare to venture beyond the realms of hardhitting absence of an utopia.
                    But something`s changed.The atmosphere around me suddenly turns foggy.The air becomes dramatically heavier.My vision blurred,i adjust my frame of reference.And then i see it .The monster,the satan who has taken the movie to a completely new set is visible to my tear laden eyes now.It is me!!!

The human being that was being chained,restrained was somehow let loose.And now in its full venomous mood is spewing forth noxious fumes and contaminants.
Suddenly i am afraid.Suddenly i am feeling a struggle starting between my ears.Then there is this horrifying slideshow of human acts that had me repulsed and left me unhinged.I looked upon the venom spewing snake aka factories,the horror initiator claws of the sawchain cutting,the hobgoblin that is the restraint on the rivers...and i feel a shudder!!! A cold swooped down and enveloped my senses,now they are numb,they are lifeless...
                      And a volcano erupts,and a flood surges, and a earthquake rocks...The mayhem is there for display,the pandemonium is rife,the havoc is running...The entire system is crippled...a nightmare...a incubus heavy on our minds.

        My mind goes back to the nerves that were tingling and communicating when i was a youngling.The essense of being immaculate, of being virgin in your thoughts,of freedom of any compulsion to react to your environment...that smell!!! I felt aerated..the cool breeze laden with the waft of the wet earth and the salt from the ocean hitting and filling my nostrils making me feel drugged.Just looking aimlessly at the different patterns getting dynamically created among the clouds would make the clock turn 2-3 times.The overhanging clouds swelled with water,pinned on the sky as if hanged from their tail,threatening me with their imperious thunder and darkened hues would keep me in their awe.

            I miss those days of tryst with nature,being in the lap of nature leaves you pockmarked with peace.Now the dragons and the beasts of the concrete jungle are the only things that one finds and they are devouring the innocence and soul of our nature.
                                     But still all`s not lost.The actions that are reactions to our any future actions are the harbinger of the complex consequences that our nature has to face if we are not careful.So the glaring
differences between the two visions that one can have, is actually a very thin line.The brumous gap between the two extremes of beauty and the beast is narrowing and the need of the hour is to make efforts to stilt the marshes and seed the plowes.


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