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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 poems ..

Riding in the wilderness!!!

Further from the light
I said,move away,
Sell me your dreams in sight
reality don`t hold sway,
There is no recourse in might,
small is now at mind`s bay.

Tommorrow I might run,
You keep your hands on the sill,
Subtle is my surprise pun,
Better be hand`s on for the thrill,
Again I caution you O pretty sun,
Never let me descend your charring hill.

Youth of the old,the energy behold,
Mould the wily one,who is the fearless,the bold,
Serenade`s the way the dreams are sold,
In lush green grass lawns I played,I rolled.

I travelled across the hedges,across the valleys 'O' deep,
I sauntered thru the tracks that were murky,I escaped the public peep,
But I missed the permanance,the hot tea sip,
I felt my eyes water at the thoughts of my garden,of that budding nip.

Straddled across the horse`s mane,I rode,
Were the handprints and the smell of those who were perched showed.

Lo and behold,There I am,
Without the pretense,sans the sham,
I bring with me the years gone by,
Never you worry now,never you cry.

The well now empty,stood in wilderness,
The thirst also subsided,even elixir fails to impress,
I miss that care,I remember that caress,
I live life like a vagabond,my sanity in duress.

Dollops of fog and mist ahead,
I look blind!
Casting my back eyes instead,
I stay behind!!

Figuring still,don`t figure,eyes red,
I take the grind!!!
Make the flour as henceforth said,
I hope you don`t mind!!!!

Puttin the reins on my steed,
I knock the ground,without the red mead,
The claps of the hands sound in distance,like a creed,
Welcome me again!!the tree is back to the seed.


Breaking the dawn for me,creaking the neghbour window at six,
there stood my friend,cricket!!! he called,C`mon!! he risk,
I tiptoed across the room across to the door,an angry dad and cricket is not an shrewd mix,
Picking up the shoes from the rack,I jumped from the ledge,return time not fix.

Cracking the first four felt good,ouch!! the next ball found its way to my modesty,
My friends all were on fire today,I on the other hand a little rusty,
Blame the cold cold wind I said to the sniggering devils,blame on the morning so misty,
Next ball on my pads and I obliged,a flick to square leg,so elegent,so wristy.

The field set on leg side for the off break bowler the next over,
I hit a square cut right through legs of a fielder busy with putting his pullover,
I heared a scream,It seemed the ball had hit wicket keeper,he was bending over,
I danced down the track and hit the bowler for a towering six,much to his furore.

Roles reversed I had the red seamed cherry in my hand,
I puckered my nose,I rolled up my sleeves,arms ready to bend,
Batsman in front was trepid I knew,was ready to cover and fend,
I also gave him an ribs-full,leaving him writhing and clutching to mend.

The sun was out now and we started to sweat and swear,
With my 5 th wicket of the innings I knew the end was near,
Being welcomed to home by a beating and censure was my only fear,
Train of thoughts caught me offguard and I developed a muscle tear.

I limped off the field,
neither could bowl,nor could wield,
Agonised by the turn of events I decided to yield,
Atleast I won`t be reprimanded by dad now,my fate and leg both sealed.

Cricket field!!

Missed Call...

Hello !! Hello!! Hello!!

The call was not something ususal,something fishy was there in that call for carousal;
The number I earmarked for perusal,as the calls came well-nigh into the fading visual;

A rustling sound was the only thing I heard from the earpiece butted in the wax-hole;
The person couldn`t possibly was playing pun,more words come out even from the mouth of a mole;
Tell me the name I shouted!,I started to play nervously with my beared,tapped my boot sole;
The quiet increased,I disconnected the call for the tenth time,I thought now police has to play a role;

Measuring the sweat smell in my palms,I recounted the horror to my pals;
They conciled me,said my fear is unfounded,I am reacting like gals;

Though the caller never said a thing,I heared the unsaid loathe,
My head was already in a flux,mouth full of froth,
I vomited the anxiety,and asked him who are you,a tiger or a moth?,
He said,turn back!! I am standing right behind you,you sloth!!

And there he was,my own brother,turning me in,
A cackle escaped from my mouth,No one was the culprit,my fear was my only sin.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mindless Meanderings ...(2)


Serenade fountain,lush green garden,all elements were in order,
I slouched through the room of requirement,of cannon and fodder,
Blood stains all over me,axe in one hand,mind hell bent on murder,
I creaked open the door,the vision left me in a shudder.

The place had a foreboding of a disaster,apparent from the deserted common-room,
The residents probably heared my footsteps,or heared my voice`s boom,
Anger surfaced all over my face,hands shaking,thrashing;making room,
I cried revenge!!the punishment motor was starting..vroom vroom.

It is the same place that I was killed one year ago,
And today I will seek revenge no matter where they go,
Blood drooling from my deformed face,eyes gorged out,earlier were not so,
The curse of the sin bites back,whether you are john or joe.

The intestines that were now in the open,tasting air for first time,
are now infested by maggots and are the coiling evidence of the crime,
Having your head and feet turned backwards is not a nice feeling,stutter and mime,
The only thing intact was the thread of the soul that dragged the dilapidated body through muck and slime.

There they are,shadows of the hiding culprits,
I wont spare them for sure,even if they climb upon the highest pulpits,
I have also sharpen the family axe,it would slash their guts,would reduce them to bits,
The anger surges through my head turned back,the wretched souls demand pardon,sans any wits.

The axe comes down with great force and venom,blood thirsty,it glutted,
The end for the devil-kins came,there face now was a history,it suited,
Final insult was due though,so I came close, bent over them and spitted,
The revenge done,I headed back to my grave,rest beckoned me,hell ya! I mooted.

City ...

The concrete jungle,the wide-wide street,
The city so huge,the city so full of cars and fleet,
It had me in awe,it had me looking up to the buildings of glass,so neat,
The city looked beautiful till it started to rain,in hail and in sleet.

I waded through the unfamiliar minds and the cold facade,
The people here in the city are constricted and bound by the old retard,
Nature doesn`t come here,flowers don`t flower,there is no reward,
Its only humans without heart,much like a sword without scabbard.

Huge is the ambition here,huge is the ego of mind,the parlance a crass,
Fake identities rule here,fake is the vegetable,fake is the statue`s brass,
Rat race is what rules here,everyone is travelling cattle class,
Don`t tell me what do here,I am not willing to submit my soul,don`t tresspass.

One thing is there in these stony woods though,
Fun and frolics and booze and buzz,lo,
U won`t feel the time,as the race is same, to and fro,
Further there is no factor,to not to give upon the show.

I dread at living in this golden cage,
Lest my peace be thwarted with sorrow and rage,
I don`t like the chapter,please turn the ruddy page,
Better I go to a mountain,in the tutelage of a sage.


I closed my eyes in anticipation,
The sleep never came,I rolled in frustation,
The dream was only the waking type,no peace in seeing this projection,
I tried to count the goats in the fresco,even maths failed me after a certain selection.

Never I had been denied the luxury of the company of this blissful ancestor ,
This is the first time,I suspect it has something to do with the rising stupor,
Tell me oh lord,why my eyes refuse to shut shop,why they gaze longily at their cellar,
I beg you,never make me a somnoholic,I love to sleep,I love to be at heaven as a visitor.

Taking one pose of sleep after other,I grumbled,
Muttering incoherently to myself,I doubled,
Eyes stinging,my heart became restless and troubled,
This lack of sleep is killing me,my thoughts muddled.

Suddenly I remembered triaca pill,oh I can take that as cure,
I went to the medical store,to purchase it,my feet aching and sore,
The boy gave me a strip of tablets,five rows,in each row they were four,
I didn`t hesitate,I took them all,never counted the score,
Next thing I remembererd was that I fainted on the medic`s floor,
But hey,whats that,that pricking sensation on my shoulder?,pain galore,

I woke up from my dream,never had the pills and the problem I swore,
My wife sleeping peacefully alongside,unperturbed by my dream and my snore.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Mubarak...

Eid ka hai ye mubarak sama,
Muqaddas hai aaj ki ye bayar,ye aabohawa,
Ibadat main guzar aaj waqt tu,dastoor milega kahaan,
Kar de pesh khuda ko apna naseeb,wo de dega tujhe sara jahaan.

Idi main de-de to aaj tu sabko teri ye muskaan,
Gale laga aam-o-khaas ko aaj tu,fark na kar aye insaan,
Bhula de gam apne,rashq ka mita de tu naamonishaan,
Kehta hai aaj ye manzar tujhe,pak kar le aaj tu apna imaan.

Sehme hue ka ban sahara,mushkilo me dabe hue ka ban tu rehguzar,
Kewal is mubarak din par hi nahi,harek pal hi tu rakh khuddar-nazar,
Karm karta ja too shaan-e-khuda ke,robaroo ho to sach se har pehar,
Badal de apni fitrat,na kar tu kisi se berukhi,na faila tu kehar.

Hoobahoo teri hi shakal ka hai wo allahtala,
Har darakht main hai uska guzara,har panchi ko deta hai wo niwala,
Shaan main uski koi nazm nahi hai kaafi,are wohi to hai shayar ko uski mausikhi ata karne wala,
Kayanaat main jo bhi dikhta hai tujhe benoor,sabra rakh,khuda phatthar ko bhi dega ekdin ujala.

Khushiyan baat,mehmano ko nosh karwa tu aaj,
sajne de gali-chaubare,bajne de saaz,
Ki aaj Eid hai,Gurbat nahi hai aaj ka riwaaz,
Khol dil keh sabhi ko Eid Mubarak tu,kar buland apni ye aawaz.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The MBA Story ...

The MBA poem...

Negotiating the contract of my MBA life,
Marketing the discontent in me now so very rife,
Accounting for the losses,pales me like a knife,
Still going strong though,strategising life for a future beautiful wife.

Celebrating the birthdays on the lawns,is very much ingrained in our organisational behaviour,
Sleeping in the classes which redefine boredom limits,was our new principles of management and our only saviour,
Rising apathy to grades or classes,became our new consumer behaviour,
Our demented psychology was dented further,no issues! more the merrier.

Issues that we had in the access of markets known as placements,
Even WTO couldn`t restrict subsidies to us that we expect from our lacks of investments,
We are global,economics national or international,won`t deter us from our dating committments,
Statistics helped in getting a correlation between love and future,to draft futher life agreements.

Racking our brains on how to trade the agri commodities,
We stumbled upon how to evaluate a project,its main nitty-gritties,
The information technology & the ERP pounded some more atrocities,
Atleast we studied Business Research Methods well,which I hope `ll save us from impeding calamities.

The Framework of the sectors got slowly diluted by the UWL scoring structure,
Attending Working Capital Management was unfortunately never a stricture,
International trade operations course to our dismay,came out to be a croppper,
IETP atleast taught us the economics which has substance and matter.

Some lucky souls went with student exchange,waded through snow and fun,
Albeit going to Singapore for port visit has no equal,nodded everyone without any pun.

Retail banking taught me difference between a cheque and bill of exchange,
Business ethics taught me nothing,can`t figure out the change,
Rural marketing targets marketing inclusion,covering its full range,
The numerous formats in retail marketing left my mind to derange.

We merrily set asail the ITL learning ship,
Oh no! another POM!stars in the class!!let me take a kip,
Business strategy talked the universe,except strategy,over which we took a skip,
Comprehensive Viva came and gone in a jiffy,get up!,I said!! bud in the nip!!

Came third trimester and we started learning on exotic parlance,
Spanish remained a mystery,we all looked at each other in stealy askance,
Mandarin!! thank god I never took upon,the noodle language must be a nuisance,
French is a language elite,so many test!phew!! salute to those who took this stance.

Business law crosshaired us to become business barristers,
In ARM we entertained with movies and games,were reduced to being mutual jestors,
Operations Research theorems mercilessly took away the crow of the roosters,
Dissertation we`ll give in last trimester,more of a burden really,a hole in the joy-holster.

Supply chain we applied for the booze,exam answers and other sins,
Trade finance catered to our "trade of finance" and profit wins,
CCM tried to take us unwillingly to other cultures`s underpinns,
GEEP creeped upon our senses,seeped in our psyches,dazed we looked! like ugly mannequinns.

Made a small talk of the busines communication course,never learned how to animadvert,
The hullabaloo of the Mergers and Acuisitions often had pupil`s ambitions subvert,
The Transparencies were not very transparent afterall in GSBD,fundae remained covert,
Personal touch in ITAM did very little to pursuade the non-class goers to convert.

I never took the risk associated with taking DRM as a subject,
Although CTPRM and ITCPM sound alike,they never made sense to me,hence the reject,
SAPM I don`t know much about,in ignorance I genuflect,
APM left me high and dry,ads my marketing ignorance I suspect.

Now here we are,at the threshold of the two year MBA journey that promised us the stars,
Live projects,CV points,competitions all fine,just give me my friends,everything else is a farce,
I think they are my resume,they are my dream profile,they are the Iphones,they are the fancy cars,
Looking back at the two years,I definitely can say that IIFTians are a different breed,and we definitely are from mars!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Aapse mulkat ki hai ye shaam hasin;aye naazneen,
le chal,chale hum us dhalte hue sooraj ki kirno ke aagosh main;aye zarranasheen,
tera husn to hai khudagawah ek sharara;aafreen,
didar tera ho bas is nacheez ko nasib;aameen.


Teri aankhon ke ujle ye paimane bol rahe hai ek anokha waqya,
tamim hai teri ruh,benazir hai tera ishq;mera shukriya,
tamaam jahaan main aisa manzar aur kahaan,sargoshi karta hai tera saaya,
muskan bikher rahi hai teri ye nazar,wo khushi bhi to hai tera hi sarmaya.


Aatif hai teri peshi,har zikra me teri hai ek ruhani khamoshi,
aatish hai tera noor,har zarre par tere hi shabab ki hai tajposhi.


Zeeshan-e-muhabbat ka rutba tujhe nawajta hoon aaj,
ki is zindagi ka tu hai humnawa,tu hi is gazal ka saaz,
pairo me teri jannat bakshu gar meri hukumat ho,pad gaye hai kam teri taarif main alfaz,
gairiyat hai itni mujhme ki,fanoos saja doon teri rah main nikle jab tu pahne hijab.


Ye lafz aapke zubaan se jo aaye is aabohawa main udkar,
ye tohfe hai aapke hamare liye,sangmarmari shaukat bhari aapki aawaz pirokar,
shamiyana aaj hai banwaya ye teri khatir,roshni kar de tu ab isme aakar,
jo paigam-e-nigah me dastakhat hai tere,wo dohra de ab mere dil par apne gulzar ki syahi lekar.


Mukhtalif lagti hai ab ye jahaan ki baatein mujhe,
koi surooor sa chhaya hai,kuch bhi na ab sujhe,
lakeer hai ye ekdum seedhi,phir bhi kyun the kadam ladkhade,ye ab na bujhe,
sehar hone ko hai lagti kya ab,sannata mujhse ye bar-baar puche.


Mustakbil ban gaye ho tum mere,ye koi ittefaq nahi,
sehra me pyase ko paani mil jaaye,ye koi aam baat nahi,
gosh-e-duniya main paya hai tumhe humne,hamara naseeb to itna ala nahi,
mehsoos hui ab jaakar humein allah ki nazar,ye manzar koi jhala to nahi.


Ruth kar na jao tum tamam mehfil se aye nadan mezbaan,
paimana chhod denge sab,lanat hai aisi sharab par,phaink denge ye martabaan,
zarre-zarre ko hai tumhari darkar aye dost,waapas aa zara shamiyane main,kar apne aana ko kurbaan.
sabhi yahaan aashiq hai tere,jaam se nahi dolta hai aashiqon ka iman.


Sarfira hai wo kaafir jo chala hai is jahaan ko mitane,
betuka hai wo mandir jo khada hai insaan ko bharmane,
sab saaye hai humsaaye khuda ke,alag kyun lage phir tum humein karwane,
bair nahi hai ram-rahim main,yahi sabak khuda khud aaya hai aaj mujhe likhwane.


Thak gaya hoon ab,thoda sa aman chata hoon,
kat gaya hoon yahaan wahaan se,thoda marham chahta hoon,
hoon main tumhara hi watan aye doston,thoda sukoon chahta hoon,
chhod do ab ye khaufnak khel,thoda reham chahta hoon.


Zindagi ke pher main,harek rah par hain patthar,
chun le unhe tu,rakh apne daman main unhe sametkar,
khushi ki khoj main reh na jaaye tu bhatakkar,
kam se kam aansoon to rakh apni aakhon main ki ro paaye tu ji bharkar.


Salika hai isliye tujhe pukara hai nighahon se,
khalifa hai,isliye dekha hai tujhe minaroon se,
awara hai ye dil,isliye dhoondha hai tujhe chaubaron se,
dekhne is aashiq ko jhaankti hai ab har nigaah un diwaron se.


Dastoor hai yahi,ki rashq hota hai sabhi ko aashiqon se,
feharist banate hain nayi,ki sabhi zulm purane ho gaye hai in deewano pe,
manzil to kewal dard ka hi sabab hai,ye dard hi bas meharban hai is parwano pe,
na tu kar sajda in badnasibon ki mazaron pe,ki khuda khud rota hai in shahbaazon ke nishano pe.


Nosh pharmaye,ye keh paros diya usne mujhe mishri ki roti,
zeher bhara tha us niwale main,maangi bhi nahi usne koi phirouti,
nahi maanga humne bhi paani,zindagi bhi manzoor nahi gar mile khairati,
zakhm bhi nahi siya tere khanjar ka,mar-mar ke jeene ki nahi thi hamrai niyati.


Kadradaan the aapke,isliye kar di nazar apni jaan,
meharbaan the aap bhi thode,isliye maanga nahi hamara imaan,
bagh main to phool bhi khilte hai kaanton ke saath,ye nahi tha hume gumaan,
hum to chal diye the pyar ki rah par,man ke tujhe apne noor-e-jahaan.

Mindless Meanderings ...

The girl on the porch...

Looking out of the window that shone azure,
My eyes found a girl on the porch,silent & demure,
she looked to me a lass of earth,unsoiled and pure,
a perfect woman for me,my beating heart told me for sure.

Repressing the urge to go and accost her was not easy,
because the prospect of loosing her made me queasy,
so,I took out my feet in direction of the porch,mind no longer dizzy,
she looked an angel,dress all white,her skin all silken and lizzy.

Battling her eyelids,she questioned my presence;all surprised,
I called out to her,to allay her fears;but instead had her mesmerised,
her silken voice was savoured by my eardrums;now I was petrified,
she blushed slightly,my heart jumped;it seemed she sympathised.

The conversation flourished,we seemed to have struck a chord,
the beautiful girl on the porch was now my friend,the skeptic in me now  was hanging by the sword,
true to my instincts,the evening took a beautiful hue,the stars twinkled,the lover within me roared,
there were pigs flying in the sky,in their ominous presence my feelings soared.

The droplets of rain ...

Parched in heat,drenched in sweat,I pleaded for reprieve from this bane,
all too well,god said,and he dropped from the heavens few droplets of rain,
the moist cool water when hit my body from the top,I forgot my complaint,my pain,
they accomodated my thirst,even gave me a shower,thought I was back to be sane.

These droplets of rain,full of divine promise and blessing,
now were pouring on in a jiffy,as if the black clouds were receiving a cleaning,
every creature now was in the open,celebrating this event with a jig and some dancing,
life protuded from earth,rain nurtured the growing,the droplets were even let pass by the awning.

Something clicked in this rain today,I found a reason to cheer and smile,
god knows that our tears need cleansing,his solution very apt and facile,
celebrate o sinner,celebrate o saint,let this rain make merry let it reconcile,
a single raindroplet is important ,preserve it ,nothing in this world is small,nothing is juvenile.

Fill the ponds,satiate the rivers o rainlord,
let the water cool the earth,let it rejoin its umbilical cord,
for the drops when produce that tip-tip sound,the music reaches even the horde,
let the festivities rain,let the songs of rain be sung by the baron and the bard.

Handcuffs and cufflings ...

Cutting edges of the four square walls,
binds me,pins my pinions,tabs my falls,
the sea I can`t see,the mountain I can`t scale,calls,
I fight against the jail,I slam my fists amidst catcalls.

Time also conspires against me,flies fast,
My limbs can`t catch the ticking hands,burdened past,
no evidence of my presence ,no vision of my life mast,
I am dissolved in the sands of time,the blood now frigid and frost.

When the history would be written again,
my mention would be there,in prominence,in main,
the dirty house is talked about,more famous is the dusty lane,
my crimes would come to fore,my infamy would link to its chain.

The heaven stairs would be rolled down for me;make no mistake,
the gates of hell would also compete,would love to partake,
fair enough I say,both are like my home,both I`d be happy to take,
for bear in mind,in life there is no repayment no retake.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sher-o-Shayari ...(2)


Dastoor hai is zamane ka yahi,
benoor hai gali khudarah ki,
sehar hoti hai wahin,jahaan nahi ho koi fikri,
taimoor hai wohi,jisne na ki ho apne ruh ki bikri.

Chinta na kar,na rakh koi shaq-o-shuba,
allah ki nehmat barsegi,dar na khatkhata koi dooja,
apne karam ko rakh tu pak-e-saaf,tara koi chamak ke bina nahi dooba,
mohabbat ko bana le apna rehguzar,reham ko apna suba.

Dikkaton ke age na jhuka apna sir,
jama kar apni himmat,utha shamshir,
madad karega na koi adam,na koi peer,
dum bhar,mehnat karta ja,ban jayega tu mirza ya mir.

Rahi-sahi izzat ko na bech sarebazaar,
na kar tu danga,na utha nafrat ki diwar,
madad ki guhar na kar,na macha cheekhopukar,
sabhi insaan nahi hote hai akbar,sabhi farishtey nahi hote hai parvardigar.


Kya sabab hai is gunah ka,
kya hisaab hai is misbah ka,
kya hai woh ishara,kaun hai wah khalil,
kya hai ye aabohawa,kahaan hai wo sabeel.

Gustakh hai nazar teri,baagi hai teri ada,
alag hai ye manzar,firdous tu hai kahaan?
fiza badal gayi hai,na kar moorakh intezar,
sambhaal le ab bhi bhatakte kadam,wapas aa ab o gunehgar.

Kar tasleem,kar le gunahon ko ab tu kabool,
jannat ke khwaab na dekh,bas aa ja tu is dar-e-rasool,
chhod de sab jahaan ke karobar,chad ja tu jaanib is pak-e-sool,
nahi aaya ab bhi is dar par ban fariyadi to sun le,azeem-o-gunah ban jaayegi teri ye chhoti si bhool.

Madmast hai aaj kafir bhi khuda ki qawwali main,
aa,tu bhi aaja,na kar der,pukar le khuda ko tu bhi is khumari main,
chand aur sitare gawah hai ki ab aur dayra nahi hai darmiyan,
dekh o benazar,aaj rehmat hai tujh par,lene khud aaye hai allahmiyan.

Bhichhada Hua...

Manzar wo ajeeb tha,dil hamara garib tha,
apko na de sake thodi bhi mohlat,parda tha hamrai aankhon par,wo andhera ajeeb tha,
mushkelaat aa gayi us gulistan main ab,jo ki kabhi aapse gulbag tha,
wo phool hi na raha ab, keh gaya mali ki mera bhi ab kya kaam tha.

Rukhsaar par jo jasn ki roshni labrez thi,
ab nasoor ban kar khatakti hai,kambakhat khoob thi,
paimana bhara hi reh gaya aap ka intezar karte-karte,
Jashn matam ban gaya aapke bagair aahein bharte-bharte.

Kya khoob kahi hai kisi dilwale ne,nazar unke bina nahi leti hai chamak,
gunjaish nahi hai is hasrat ki koi,ki aa jaaye unki bhi aankhon main hamare aansoon ke poorak,
jaa chale ja ,kar na tu ab apne dil ke huqm ki taamil,
wo rutha hai tujhse,peshi na hogi teri aye mere muwaqqil.

Ye shaan-e-shoukat,ye hasin darakhton aur asharfiyon ka karwan,
na khila sakte hai dil,na mita sakte hai dooriyan,
haale dil kya unka ja kar le talab,mita ye fasle jo hai darmiyan,
nikaal phenk ab jo tere tabassum main lage hai kaante,kar ja ikraar ki tu gustakhiyan.


Ek haseen waqya hai aaj mujhe yaad aaya,
Pehli baar dost keh jab maine kisiko bulaya,
ek ajeeb sihran si thi us rishte main,ye main apne dil ko farmaya,
dosti hoti hi hai aisi cheez,ye apne dil par apni hi khoon se likhwaya.

Ye koi mamooli naseeb nahi,ki dost mile koi aapko aapki tareef karne wala,
par jo dost kare aapki sahi parakh,wohi nikalega aapke andhere main chhupa ujiyara,
tohfe main di hai dosti khudavan ne insaan ko,dost hi fanoos ke jaal nikalne wala,
dosti main jo bande rakhte hai us allah ki marzi,nazar unke hi ye jahaan hai hone wala.

Kashmakash hai ajeeb,dost raees ho ya garib,
par chahe har koi ,ki wo ho uske karib,
nazarein dhoondti hai us ruh ko,jo samjhe hamari sari baatein ajeeb,
shaukat ho ya ram,peter ho ya salman,sare dost hi hai mere,achha hai mera naseeb.

Koi shukriya ada nahi hota,koi saleeka ka choga nahi odhna hota,
dost aksar nazaron main hi keh jaate hai baatein,zabaan ka koi bharosa nahi hota,
rakhna apne doston sambhaal,ye rishta to farishton ko bhi naseeb nahi hota,
kehne ko to dost hai hazar,par dosti ka dayra kewal ek adad ginti se bayaan nahi hota.

Jaam par jaam ...

Ye bandish meri nahi hai aye saaki,ye tu muflisi ka kamaal hai tu bhar de ye martaban baaki,
sharaab aur mausikhi ek hi haseena ke hi do chehre hai aye humdum,dono kabiliyat rakhte aisi ki hosh-o-hawas ho jaaye nakaafi,
shayari gunguna lene se nahi ban jata koi bhi shayar,ye dard to us dil se aata hai zubaan par jo toota ho har dafa hi,
aakhiri nazm yadi rah jaye tujhe yaad,jaam pi lena is shayar ki bandish  se hi aaj tu zara si.

Shauk hai isliye gata hoon aye nargisi aankhon wali,
majboor hoon isliye pi leta hoon jaam,sharab-e-aks main gar dikh jaaye wo dil todne wali,
tere hi shahar ki thi wo haseen ulfat,ja bula la use is maquam par,akele to wo bhi nahi rone wali,
nazar aata hai ab sab mujhe pak-e-saaf,neeyat ab nahi meri bigadne wali.

Tabiyat nasaaz hi sahi,pila ji bhar tu aaj jaam pe jaam,
nasihat to sara jahaan hi dega tujhe,aaj kar mere dil ke dard ko hi salaam,
naqsha is dil-o-minar ka hai ghum hua,kahaan pahuchau main ab unka ye paigam,
bata bhi nahi sakta main sabko uska naam,badnaam na ho jaaye wo sareaam.

Lat hai buri is ishq ki kasam se,bebas ho gaya hoon apne sanam ke sitam se,
ek halak se utarne de jaam,sajda karne de unhe parde se hi ,bhale thodi sharam se,
nakaafi hai ab to ye didar-e-salook,chaand ko bula la zameen par,albatta raham se,
gaflat na ho jaaye aaj bhi humse aye saaki,dhyaan tu rakhna hamara aaj is nashe main chhupe marham se.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sher-o-Shayari ...(1)

Disclaimer:::This is the my first swipe at the ornate language of urdu ,so pardon any mistakes and serious misunderstandings as far as the language knowledge is concerned...


Rasookh hai mere zehen mein,
khuloos hai tere youvan mein,
parwana hoon,koi patanga nahi,
Ye dayra kyon?,koi paimana to nahi?

Mohabbat ki is jahaan mein,
kadra ki hai fakir-o-shaan ne,
mai to is takalluf ka taakid nahi,
Ye mohabbat meri,teri mulakaat ki mohtaaj nahi.

Ye sher likhta hoon main,bhula ke sara jahaan,
hamare dil ki dhadkano ko abhi aapne suna kahaan,
reh jaaoge dil ko thaam,gar sunoge is aashik ki guhar,
ye guzarish hai tumse,kar lo hamari khamoshi main chhupe pyar ka intezar.

Khumaar hai ab, din raat ka ab gumaan nahi,
jawaab ka intezar hai,bakhuda abhi hum fanaa nahi,
manzoor nahin hai to bas teri berukhi,
taye hai hamara milna,khuda ki yehi hai khudi.

Khuda ki khwaiish

Aalam ye hai ki sab kuch surkh hai,
Khuda ke nagar main yeh banda kurk hai,
khidmat-e-shaitan hai insaan hua,
marz ye hai bada,isne sabko chhua.

Kamzarf bhatakta kyun hai pak ki chah main?
apne dil ko tatol,kya band hai us mazar main?
nakliyat ko paas rakh kar kya haasil hoga bande?
asli sukoon to allah ki janib main hi payega sunle.

Khali poshak pehankar,aur sar par sajde ki shaan lekar,
yeh yakin na kar lena ki tu parvardigar ko paa jayega,
apne haath khol,apna dil udel,tab jaakar kahin,
tere khoon main jo khalish hai,use mita paayega.

Azan kar,khuda ko yaad kar,to sabhi kehte hain,
par tu tabhi ibadat kar,jab sab us rehnuma ko bhoolte hain,
yaad rakh,rukhsar par sharifiyat ka to sabhi odh lete hai choga,
tu apni kaifiyat main qaid kar le fazihat,khuda tera hi hoga.

Dua Hai ..

Ya khuda,aye parvardigar,mere walden ka rakha khayal,
Main abhi door sahi unse,par unka noor hi hai mere zehen main har bar,
itna shaoor chhod dena mujhme,ki na meri vajah se tapke unke aansoon,
har ek nazm ko meri,har ek saans ko meri,hai unke hi shaan-e-darbaar ke didar ki darkar.

Itna mubarak hoon main,ki hosh paya apni ammi ke aagosh mein,
kitna sukoon hai,kitna josh hai,apne abba ke saath ki gayi mauj mein,
ye pal yadgaar hai meri zindagi ke,sanjo rakhna tu inhe apne nigah-e-soz main,
rapta hai bas inhi se mera,inhi se mera mukaddas hai,inhi se hai mera jahaan.

Eid,diwali ya lohdi,main nahi bhoola karna inka istekbal,
lanat bhejoon inke naam-e-pak par,aisa koi bhi kaam to bas hai haraam,
khafa na karna in farishton ko mujhse kabhi,kahan se laaonga main teri roshni ke ye do sitare dobara,
ata kar de meri umr bhi unhe,aane de apne jahaaz par mujhe,chhoone de kinara.

Harek marz,harek tees,har nasoor ka kadha hai meri walda,
apne walid se sikha hai maine salika,sharifiyat ka wo kayda,
namaz jo maine padhi makka ki jaanib,yahi do chehre zarranashin hue mere chashme-baddoor par,
khuddari bakshi hai tune mujhe,wada karta hoon ek shikan bhi na aane doonga hozoor apne walden ke rangonoor par.


badmizaz hai tere bina ye aalam,
viraan hai sab kuch,syahi nahi hai,kaise utaoon main kalam,
ek nazrana lekar aaya hoon,karta hoon tujhe salaam,
aadab baja lata hoon sar jhuka,kar na dena tu ise kalam.

khair,ranjish nahi hai aapke didar-e-sharif se,
par main ibadat kaise karoon ab us rafeeq se,
aapki hi hai ye inayat,ki ab mehwash hai mere salib pe,
rakhi hui hai aapki amanat,jaan bhi mang lena ab is garib se.

Sarfira nahi main,na hi hoon main banjaara,
khuda ki nehmat hai,abhi tak hoon kunwara,
aap ka hi tha dil ko intezar,keh gaya hai mujhe chamakta ek sitara,
sehra aur doli,yahi ek hasrat hai ab,aankhe kar chaar baitha hoon main bechara.

jaan nisar teri har ada par aye sanam,
ek aashiq ke dil se pooch,kya dhaaye hai us par tune sitam,
mehfil main jab aap aaye aaj,kiya is naacheez par jo karam,
us karz ko karoonga ata,nahi rakhna koi aur bharam.

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