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Mindless Meanderings ...(2)


Serenade fountain,lush green garden,all elements were in order,
I slouched through the room of requirement,of cannon and fodder,
Blood stains all over me,axe in one hand,mind hell bent on murder,
I creaked open the door,the vision left me in a shudder.

The place had a foreboding of a disaster,apparent from the deserted common-room,
The residents probably heared my footsteps,or heared my voice`s boom,
Anger surfaced all over my face,hands shaking,thrashing;making room,
I cried revenge!!the punishment motor was starting..vroom vroom.

It is the same place that I was killed one year ago,
And today I will seek revenge no matter where they go,
Blood drooling from my deformed face,eyes gorged out,earlier were not so,
The curse of the sin bites back,whether you are john or joe.

The intestines that were now in the open,tasting air for first time,
are now infested by maggots and are the coiling evidence of the crime,
Having your head and feet turned backwards is not a nice feeling,s…