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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mindless Meanderings ...(2)


Serenade fountain,lush green garden,all elements were in order,
I slouched through the room of requirement,of cannon and fodder,
Blood stains all over me,axe in one hand,mind hell bent on murder,
I creaked open the door,the vision left me in a shudder.

The place had a foreboding of a disaster,apparent from the deserted common-room,
The residents probably heared my footsteps,or heared my voice`s boom,
Anger surfaced all over my face,hands shaking,thrashing;making room,
I cried revenge!!the punishment motor was starting..vroom vroom.

It is the same place that I was killed one year ago,
And today I will seek revenge no matter where they go,
Blood drooling from my deformed face,eyes gorged out,earlier were not so,
The curse of the sin bites back,whether you are john or joe.

The intestines that were now in the open,tasting air for first time,
are now infested by maggots and are the coiling evidence of the crime,
Having your head and feet turned backwards is not a nice feeling,stutter and mime,
The only thing intact was the thread of the soul that dragged the dilapidated body through muck and slime.

There they are,shadows of the hiding culprits,
I wont spare them for sure,even if they climb upon the highest pulpits,
I have also sharpen the family axe,it would slash their guts,would reduce them to bits,
The anger surges through my head turned back,the wretched souls demand pardon,sans any wits.

The axe comes down with great force and venom,blood thirsty,it glutted,
The end for the devil-kins came,there face now was a history,it suited,
Final insult was due though,so I came close, bent over them and spitted,
The revenge done,I headed back to my grave,rest beckoned me,hell ya! I mooted.

City ...

The concrete jungle,the wide-wide street,
The city so huge,the city so full of cars and fleet,
It had me in awe,it had me looking up to the buildings of glass,so neat,
The city looked beautiful till it started to rain,in hail and in sleet.

I waded through the unfamiliar minds and the cold facade,
The people here in the city are constricted and bound by the old retard,
Nature doesn`t come here,flowers don`t flower,there is no reward,
Its only humans without heart,much like a sword without scabbard.

Huge is the ambition here,huge is the ego of mind,the parlance a crass,
Fake identities rule here,fake is the vegetable,fake is the statue`s brass,
Rat race is what rules here,everyone is travelling cattle class,
Don`t tell me what do here,I am not willing to submit my soul,don`t tresspass.

One thing is there in these stony woods though,
Fun and frolics and booze and buzz,lo,
U won`t feel the time,as the race is same, to and fro,
Further there is no factor,to not to give upon the show.

I dread at living in this golden cage,
Lest my peace be thwarted with sorrow and rage,
I don`t like the chapter,please turn the ruddy page,
Better I go to a mountain,in the tutelage of a sage.


I closed my eyes in anticipation,
The sleep never came,I rolled in frustation,
The dream was only the waking type,no peace in seeing this projection,
I tried to count the goats in the fresco,even maths failed me after a certain selection.

Never I had been denied the luxury of the company of this blissful ancestor ,
This is the first time,I suspect it has something to do with the rising stupor,
Tell me oh lord,why my eyes refuse to shut shop,why they gaze longily at their cellar,
I beg you,never make me a somnoholic,I love to sleep,I love to be at heaven as a visitor.

Taking one pose of sleep after other,I grumbled,
Muttering incoherently to myself,I doubled,
Eyes stinging,my heart became restless and troubled,
This lack of sleep is killing me,my thoughts muddled.

Suddenly I remembered triaca pill,oh I can take that as cure,
I went to the medical store,to purchase it,my feet aching and sore,
The boy gave me a strip of tablets,five rows,in each row they were four,
I didn`t hesitate,I took them all,never counted the score,
Next thing I remembererd was that I fainted on the medic`s floor,
But hey,whats that,that pricking sensation on my shoulder?,pain galore,

I woke up from my dream,never had the pills and the problem I swore,
My wife sleeping peacefully alongside,unperturbed by my dream and my snore.

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