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Friday, September 10, 2010

Baffling Technology...

technology unemployed!!!,Inept hands@ underfed technocrats

The button clumsy,the push failing to send signals,the display just about meeting the eyelenses,the communication competent but wayward.
Welcome to the utopia!!Welcome to the world without technology.

The time it takes for the signals from the radio waves to reach my handset,in the same time the technology is making the very thing it created obsolete.Technology sans settling time is like having a wine testing feast with your nose puckered and all botched up.Mind freaks out at the technique these technicians adopt for making the santa dance in 3-D and say ahoy! in HD.But When I reminisce about the days when the monster that is now the technology was just a toddler and we used to all happily wait for that postman to deliver us the breaking news instead of now slamming down the TV whenever we see these two farce words.Its like technology has overgrown within us.The shoots which we sowed outside now has its blight and canker within our now binded senses and is proliferating at freightning pace.
                          The slave master relationship now is in a brumous state and the effect of this dilution is slowly taking its toll on the thought process that seperates the bytes from the thoughts.We are already borrowing our thoughts from the techological marvels.TV gives us the language to speak,the glitterati to aim for and the morals to kill for.

              When the technology once employed to solve our problems becomes the recruiter itself and pours cold waters over our inquisitive fire,the need is to short circuit the connection we have with it.Outpacing technology can be boon to our underpaced and languid lifstyles which constantly demand gratification but is a agent of destruction for people like me who fail to keep pace.The distribution of knowledge of how to use technology across several hundred minds disallows the birth of a genius.Today what is seen a phlegmatic choice is a commoner choice.Today the technology rules the decision making,so very unlike the yonder years wherein the suspicion and gamesmanship was rife.Actually I kinda liked the virgin thought process I had in the absence of technology.Now its like the information is not only power,its powerless.Every tom,dick and harry knows how to make a bomb.I enjoyed the effort of going through the piles of books to extract that information.Now its easy to know and easy to forget.Its like generation Z is missing on so much fun.
                            We humans also have a xenophobia that aliens with superior technology might come and rule over us,and we would be left with the leftovers.But the aliens maybe are hiding in the ineptness that has crept in our senses.The inept hands that know only three letters on the keyboard(CCP) and the anathema that is google are harbingers of the tough times ahead.Many a minds have been left tending to marshes by this omniscient raconteur who would mesmerise one with sea of information that shuts down your neutral and natural thought process and instead becomes the amalgamation of several rotten shefs who have already spoiled many broths.
                Look at the world around us.Everybody is going nuts at the latest gadgets and features technology is throwing at us.Why?Whatever these dot matrix`ed labs throw at us ,we are ready to swoon after that like a dog scurries wagging his tail aft his master.The features of the new age generation is the inertness of protest they have in their minds,blindly calling the encore by the tech-gurus.
Look at the state of apathy technology has taken us to.We hardly care about the lacuna that exists in the hearts,we dont inflict punitive actions against our most severest of crimes,we sit on the couch...waiting...for the AC to blow and cool our hog heads..But we forget the biggest technology that there is ...humanity and nature.
Preserve the good and the evil shall catch the next bus to hell... 

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