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Baffling Technology...

technology unemployed!!!,Inept hands@ underfed technocrats

The button clumsy,the push failing to send signals,the display just about meeting the eyelenses,the communication competent but wayward.
Welcome to the utopia!!Welcome to the world without technology.

The time it takes for the signals from the radio waves to reach my handset,in the same time the technology is making the very thing it created obsolete.Technology sans settling time is like having a wine testing feast with your nose puckered and all botched up.Mind freaks out at the technique these technicians adopt for making the santa dance in 3-D and say ahoy! in HD.But When I reminisce about the days when the monster that is now the technology was just a toddler and we used to all happily wait for that postman to deliver us the breaking news instead of now slamming down the TV whenever we see these two farce words.Its like technology has overgrown within us.The shoots which we sowed outside now has its blight and canker within o…