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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And they said I swam!!!

And they said I swam!!!

Taking turns,seconds counted me out,
                           Never got a chance,to whine or to shout!
Picking up the pieces always,laid battered to the ram,
                           Tide owned me,and they said "I swam!"

Writing few exams,I emptied my pot of luck,
                           When the real ride began,wheels sprayed on me only muck!
Friends were benign,always gave me the free lift,
                           Parents guessed too much,said "I have a god gift!".

Girls came few,I was a slow debonair,
                          Boy inside cried for help,soon lost on his hair!
The tag of "decent boy",a white elephant that eats too much,
                          The ego came all  in a caravan,now leaving on a single crutch!!

I rounded on the lethargy,drafted a new resolution,
                         Dreaming that afternoon,knew that was not the solution,
Cursed the heavens,for there were none to blame,
                         Every night was moonly shallow,every sun  brought me days all same.

Money matters! I learned when the windfall ceased!,
                        My life is stilla loan,every painful smile leased.
Carefree,I astutely wasted my all precious time,
                       Never mind! I still have a pen and my words still rhyme.

But thoughts are naughty companions,stick longer than the regular wife,
                        My legacy an uncut butter,my future a rusted knife!
Foretold was the fact aloof,infamy would be my only fame,
                       Dolphins only gave me the kind ride,and they said "I swam"!

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