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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Jaded Thoughts....

The Jaded Thoughts....

Only was yesterday I say,
When today was tomorrow`s ray.

I knew only this much thence,
The beginning would never start ever hence.

Pleasure I felt in your homely cots,
Remnisce! Remniscing life through the Jaded thoughts!

Jaded Thoughts gave me the urn to flay,
They gave me the blasphemy and the steady bay.

For when the senses resign from their senses,
Then the mind looks through the heart`s lenses.

I was alone in the night,was surrounded by the day.
It is when I write,when the real me comes in the fray.

You never ask me what I write,what is it that my pen jots,
Curious! Curiousity was never in my jaded thoughts!

Jaded thoughts,I thought when I was free,
When I had no intentions to keep up or a desire to flee.

Flowers are blooming nigh,rivers are flowing great,
This is not time to ponder,there is no reason to wait.

You were made for spring,the winter froze and gone,
You were made to fly,your spirit was the wings that were born.

The classic life of pleasure and work,
Throw in some intelligence and you would smirk.

Destiny is nothing but your freedom in chains,
Your horse is witthout the saddle,sans the reins.

Jaded Thoughts,I feel Jaded enough to sleep,
For yesterday`s ride and tomorrow`s leap.

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