Monday, February 27, 2012

Ah! The morning!!!

Ah! The morning!!!

First ray twinkled through the crevices,
My eyes welcomed the warmth,sleeping tired were my devices,.

Marigolds turned heads,birds chirped up the morning,
Wells sparkled the cold water ,winds whipped the yawning.

Hills rolled till the eyes could see,
Brooms of heaven,swept the land & tree.

Rays streaked while the clouds played hide and seek,
I felt blessed,I felt weak,felt overawed and meek.

For I snared beauty,I sensed the grand design,
Neither far was the sun to touch,neither to dive deep was the blue ravine.

What we learn or own today is not cared for in heavens,
Glory will be given,all to whether beggars or mavens.

Joy was never forever to see,the sun will set one day,
Revel,revel or wait for hours for the new ray.

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