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Friday, January 20, 2012



I wonder! The time was surely early,
I was sulking, getting all the more surly,
Morose! I gave up on the work,
Little did I knew, the fat angel was on the lurk.

When I first met you, I knew!
When we saw last, I didn`t.
The boil had a pretty palpable stew!
Added that spice much uncalled for! Wish I hadn`t.

Met you and I knew myself!! A mirror!!
The echoes of heart I heard in your eyes,
Thought about you and I remembered myself!!A cellar!!
Promises I made, in keeping your trust grew in size.

No tethers! We agreed! But strings of heart knot alot,
Smiles and tears, wonder why they are the same,
Pining! Each day was full of joy! But your presence I sought & sought,
My pen and heart aren`t one, but both then why scribble your name.

Moon shone through your tangled tassels, sigh!
Wordless walks said a lot to you and me,
Sun danced in your eyes, cared not to wake ere morning nigh!
Locked fingers made all the questions free.

Discovering shades of love, we fought and laughed together,
Lest it all became too mundanely lovely,
Learning new definitions of love, our feet parted rather,
To part only simmers the love beneath, we learned slowly-slowly.

Joy knew no bounds when your world was all but me,
Back 2 back, timeless we sat in eternity,
Flowers bloomed early, the stars were for ours to see,
Quite separate bodies still were, though souls stood firmly in unity.

The springs made sweet noise, delightful were the paths we treaded unknown,
In love everything is bright, in mist and dark, our hearts beamed and shone,
Guide me!! For my heart is astray!!
Take my hand!! For thorned roses are in the way.

Your beauty is now sinking in, like a good old wine,
I return to our first meeting, made it a holy shrine,
For union of hearts is an event not commonplace in time,
It dwarfs the miracles of god, belittles the verse and the rhyme.

Winged angels came and went; we fall in love all over again,
New is the chill of the winters; fresh are the drops of this rain,
You whispered something & I understood why,
'If only I met you earlier’, said you and began to cry.

Travails of love had to come and they indeed came to pass,
Pain and anguish engulfed you; my sanity also went for a toss,
Albeit that was the last when love hurted us,
For the pain then became a habit, wholesome was the status thus.

Picked! Nibbled! The beaks of the birds at the forlorn tree,
But fruits have to wait for the spring, nature has its way, you see!
Arms were not wide enough; eyes were still not full to the brim,
They savored the return and will, till we again depart to be separate and to be grim.

At last the meaning of love dawned and it mocked!
Ebbs and tides are a part; boat of love loves to be rocked,
On the perch of emotions, it stands supreme though,
Oii!! I thought I had it, love was mine, say no more, whoosh and lo!


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