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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hidden Treasure...

Hidden Treasure..

Trowel and Shovel! Axe and Hammer!!
Dig the character deep,unearth the hidden treasure.

Not the glittering jewels! No,no! not the riches of the old!!
Hold the greedy hand back,give away the worthless gold!!

Flip the coin,dovetail the character,
Accept inevitability,there isn`t any nectar.

Searching!! Under the dusty bowels of earth.
Searching!! Above the high echelons of sky,effort not in dearth.

You will never find them in the materialistic meadows,
The truth lies ahead,decpetion lurks in the dark past shadows.

Soul searching! In the deepest veins of a pumping heart!!
Character lynching! In the darkest hours that end with a start!!

A jewel called honesty would be lying alone!

Nobility called humility would be lying unattended ,a stone!

A trinket called truth for it values the marrow in the bone!

A heirloom called character for it  is the only beacon of light that shone and shone!

Look within,the eyes of the seer has come calleth.
Say forth,the call of the heaven has called sayeth.

The treasure hidden is calling the worthy new,
Explorers are aplenty,anchors are rusty and few.

The reality is simple,never too arcane,never too bold,
Life is much more than living,its a story to behold and to be told.



Thunder was rolling ,waves were receding,
Sands were being reformed,as I was seceding.

SeaShells! I heard them.
SeaShells! I smelled them.

White shells shone in the cloud light filtering down,
Twilight red hued the horizon,yellow sand wore a mask of brown.

Mermaid sloped and eloped,in splashes of water I groaned,
Inebriated I roamed,In silos I frowned.

SeaShells! I picked them.
SeaShells! I threw them.

I sang with the song of the ocean,
I let the froth of the water wash away my corrosion.

Whipping my hair was the wind inordinate,
Threadbare I carassed the sand,no coordinate!

Imprints on the sand were immortal today,
I could breathe the ocean If I please,if I may.

SeaShells! I counted them.
SeaShells! I pocketed them.

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