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Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Heavenly Woods..

You know the place where I belong,
There is those dark woods where humanity throng,
I have that place preserved in my heart,the feeling is very strong,
the woods seem to grow out of my heart strings,the countryside always hits the life gong.

Everything is simple there,everyone is sober to the core,
life revoles around that dirty pond,be it a deer or a carnivore,
the bees humm their own song in a dizzy,the sloth looks a bore,
time it seems is hanging between the branches,lifeless monkeys dole out afternoon snore.

Even the lifeless are throbbing there,stock and stone have a important task to attend,
there sixth sense is the saviour,camouflage is the eternal friend,
the balance of the place which I frequented when I was a young fiend,
was untenable,was unyielding! no human,no storm could have the proud root to bend.

Trees of the old,stony ageless tortoise with the same shell,
were all glued to their routine,standing their ground,living their will,
while the newfangled tested the waters,the younglings went in for the kill,
Fruits hanging merrily on the branches,water bouncing and flowing through the jungle prill.

The sweet zephyr that blows in my place'of'heart,
comes from the heavens those which are not far apart,
the food is delicious there,the apple and the tart,
the water is elixir`s kin,peace never breaks into a dart.

Frantically searching for the boots that go in those woods with me unabashed,
I stumbled upon old pictures of the woods,lying in the briefcase,safe and stashed,
Now there doesnt lie a forest where I used to tread and revel,there lies now a graveyard smashed,
the trees are now just the stumps,the spring a dirty mire,the life eloped from there seeing all its hope dashed.

I crave for that heaven again,I long for that spring and the sun,
I detest the chirpless mornings,I hate the lifeless chum,
Maybe one day everything will grow again, out of the seeds I have sown,the deeds I have done,
I will wait for that hour when I could feel again the leaves rustling as I break into my joy run.


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