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Wondering When The Wistful Wishes Will Woosh!....

Maybe! Just Maybe!!

Your wish!!Saying this I accede to her demands.I am a slave.I thought I wasnt!But the clamps lost their keys on me ever since I first saw my own reflection in her reddish brown retinas.What`s been going on isn`t what you wish for.

Time isn`t a dimension anymore.Its no more a mirage,its marriage of all your deeds with all your wishes.I searched for it!For her!For the fleeting moistness in the eyes,for that glint!,for that cherry picked cheeks that bloom everytime her lips part in a smile.Maybe I`ve found what I was looking for.I can`t be sure though.Not till I wake up from this reverie.

Lets look at the situation with a bird`s eye view.I am a fool.And a smart one at that too.Looking for the vital signs.I meandered ,I philadered.To throw some sand in the gears,I paused.Never pushed the diving board down.Maybe I was confused.More silly than what others thought.More sadist than what others believed.Less lucky than what others surmised.Cocky as I was,I was served well.My …