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Saturday, October 12, 2013



When I Think,I think HEAVEN;
                                                 The Gates Are GOLD,The Floors are SEVEN!
Yesterday only they told me near;
                                                   Never you have fate,luck or chance as your dear!

I too had problems,loads and loads;
                                                      Many a miles & so few were the roads!
Then I told myself,Listen!
                                       Don`t you do nothing and let your eyes glisten!

HOPE! I heard it in my head; 
                                             DO! for you can`t once you`re dead!
Its all in the head,Saint and Satan;
                                                     Never let stagnate the karma train at one station!

Good things and time come back;
                                                    Only you should have space for hope in your rack!
Time will fly!Oh yes it will;
                                          Do you want your story be just run of the mill?

OF-COURSE Not! For You deserve HEAVEN!
                                                                         Just Remember,keys are thoughts,lifts are given!


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