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Godly Sins::::Sins God`ed

What it takes to be god and still sin ...what it takes to be sinner and be god at it ...

I dont know the details of the struture,neither i am aware of the existence..nor i am a believer.But GoD exists,in our mindframe.In our psyche we keep him alive,in our prayers we power him with our fawning.All the time i,you and almost everyone on this green planet are trying to dial a number which seemingly has uncountable signal towers AKA the praying places,scores of providers AKA religions..but no concrete SIM.The no is busy,unreachable,switched off,out of service,on an answering m/c all at the same time for the same person.Afterall we keep on demanding more and more.Imagine a call centre employee of a customer care number listening to all the blabbering,jabbering and clapperclawing consumers with patience and solving their grievances.Thats the job profile of GOD.

     "To sin is to human ,to forgive is to god",the famous adage binds the heaven-manager to be the all pervading authority…