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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Shining Swing....


Your hair swirls, laughter echoes,

As the swing oscillates from heads to toes.

Your head thrown back in the motion is a visual delight,

Teeth shining bright calls for beholding the sight.

My able hands give the swing a forceful thrust,

You sit pretty with arms wide, full in trust.

The joy of your face wavers never whether in crest or through,

The heart who doesn’t beat with you is either dead or is tough.


You were my first love, my first flight to heaven,

I recall you were about four, I only seven.

The swing of life gave me all the crests, but you,

You swung into oblivion, the playground is empty without you.

I take the swing now also, but alone are the rhymes,

Laughing a hearty laugh like you brings back the old times.

The swing but dies early, oscillation damp and jerky,

The shining swing now suffers from damp rust, all cranky and creaky.


They say childhood and love are always there,

I seek your friendship, I search that stare.

I will tell all that you were there, when I pushed that swing, When I wiped your tears,

That you will come back unannounced, laughing that gaily laugh of yours.

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