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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mindless Meanderings ...(3)

Day Of Reckoning

Someday my voice will be listened,

That day my eyes will be glistened,
I know not who would be the one who will circumscribe,
But I am sure,that moment wont be soiled,would be free from any envy or bribe.

To listen to my heart'o'beat that runs in the muted background,
She would enchant the air to vibrate and would go round and round.

Come o day of reckoning,come fast and light,
I am waiting since ages,without recourse without fight,
Dont have me see your back,dont show your horns in my sight,
Surprise me when you come,dont add light to that which  is already bright.

I Ask you o lord,whether I am ready for the surfeit,
Tell me o mercifull,which mountain is my pulpit.
Never betray me by giving me what I dont deserve,which I dont inherit,
I wont be called to the gallows for no reason,I wont accept larceny without the actual culprit.

Lest I fail you make that success soup,
Lest I fall,you cushion that ground nook.

I believe in you and your angels,
Let me thrive in the holy ponds and wells,
The arrows of destiny are fired from the sound of knolls,
But let me revel in merry,Let me escape the death trolls.

Bandits on the rise...

The horses saunter into the clearing,

The bandits were what  they were bearing,
The sun was up,its rays heavy and searing,
But the bandits are on the rise,and the commoners are fearing.

The Horses`s Mane is where they hid the hidden fodder,
Their treasures in the swiss alps goes broader and broader.

The king of the bandits calls the money home inordinate,
The justice lady is now hanging upside down,having lost its coordinate.

We are living in a world of anarchy and shame,
Even soldiers are sold,now whom to call for help and whom to blame.

The rulers of the land themselves are caught in these spotty mires,
Only the bandits are the citizens now,only they have the sires.

The marketplace  is rife with swindlers,
Thugs are aplenty,in games or in coffin sellers,
Treachery now has a permanent abode in heart of the dwellers,
Money is outshining even the radiance within the saints,the teachers.

The sword of fate slashes through the guts of the wrongdoers,
Only this time its amplitude is very large,the prolonged darkness is booming naysayers,
The trove of gold in the bandit-treasure outweighs the honesty in the believers,
The day is not far away when even god would want bribe for answering the prayers.


Dark Times...


Sombre is my mood today.
God is not here anyway..
I want to tear apart the seconds that promise but never deliver...
Even tears refuse to roll down the cheeks unless you are clever....

For there is no place left for innocence in this world order.....
Treachery,knavery and ruse are the spices instead of mint and clover......
The broth is spoiled cause there are too many cooks and no one to rest the shoulder.......
Life is now a mire of unattended desires and is growing dank and colder........

Contemplation of deeds in the mirror.........
Fires back a distended image of shame and horror..........
Sorrow is not what I ordered,and pain is now never farther...........

Everyday I wake to,gnaws at the moth eaten heart blister............
And only satisfaction that there is that the drug is slow and never in cluster.............

I won`t put up the fight mister..............
I am not your puppet anymore not anymore your jestor...............

Leave me alone oh! prophet o saint!
Let me nurse my war injuries,let me tend to my heart, regularly faint!
I wont succumb to the wont of agony,even the kick is scant!
Getting my hair down,I shall rise again,the cry in the air is rant!

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