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3 poems ..

Riding in the wilderness!!!

Further from the light
I said,move away,
Sell me your dreams in sight
reality don`t hold sway,
There is no recourse in might,
small is now at mind`s bay.

Tommorrow I might run,
You keep your hands on the sill,
Subtle is my surprise pun,
Better be hand`s on for the thrill,
Again I caution you O pretty sun,
Never let me descend your charring hill.

Youth of the old,the energy behold,
Mould the wily one,who is the fearless,the bold,
Serenade`s the way the dreams are sold,
In lush green grass lawns I played,I rolled.

I travelled across the hedges,across the valleys 'O' deep,
I sauntered thru the tracks that were murky,I escaped the public peep,
But I missed the permanance,the hot tea sip,
I felt my eyes water at the thoughts of my garden,of that budding nip.

Straddled across the horse`s mane,I rode,
Were the handprints and the smell of those who were perched showed.

Lo and behold,There I am,
Without the pretense,sans the sham,
I bring with me the years gone by,
Never you worry no…