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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 poems ..

Riding in the wilderness!!!

Further from the light
I said,move away,
Sell me your dreams in sight
reality don`t hold sway,
There is no recourse in might,
small is now at mind`s bay.

Tommorrow I might run,
You keep your hands on the sill,
Subtle is my surprise pun,
Better be hand`s on for the thrill,
Again I caution you O pretty sun,
Never let me descend your charring hill.

Youth of the old,the energy behold,
Mould the wily one,who is the fearless,the bold,
Serenade`s the way the dreams are sold,
In lush green grass lawns I played,I rolled.

I travelled across the hedges,across the valleys 'O' deep,
I sauntered thru the tracks that were murky,I escaped the public peep,
But I missed the permanance,the hot tea sip,
I felt my eyes water at the thoughts of my garden,of that budding nip.

Straddled across the horse`s mane,I rode,
Were the handprints and the smell of those who were perched showed.

Lo and behold,There I am,
Without the pretense,sans the sham,
I bring with me the years gone by,
Never you worry now,never you cry.

The well now empty,stood in wilderness,
The thirst also subsided,even elixir fails to impress,
I miss that care,I remember that caress,
I live life like a vagabond,my sanity in duress.

Dollops of fog and mist ahead,
I look blind!
Casting my back eyes instead,
I stay behind!!

Figuring still,don`t figure,eyes red,
I take the grind!!!
Make the flour as henceforth said,
I hope you don`t mind!!!!

Puttin the reins on my steed,
I knock the ground,without the red mead,
The claps of the hands sound in distance,like a creed,
Welcome me again!!the tree is back to the seed.


Breaking the dawn for me,creaking the neghbour window at six,
there stood my friend,cricket!!! he called,C`mon!! he risk,
I tiptoed across the room across to the door,an angry dad and cricket is not an shrewd mix,
Picking up the shoes from the rack,I jumped from the ledge,return time not fix.

Cracking the first four felt good,ouch!! the next ball found its way to my modesty,
My friends all were on fire today,I on the other hand a little rusty,
Blame the cold cold wind I said to the sniggering devils,blame on the morning so misty,
Next ball on my pads and I obliged,a flick to square leg,so elegent,so wristy.

The field set on leg side for the off break bowler the next over,
I hit a square cut right through legs of a fielder busy with putting his pullover,
I heared a scream,It seemed the ball had hit wicket keeper,he was bending over,
I danced down the track and hit the bowler for a towering six,much to his furore.

Roles reversed I had the red seamed cherry in my hand,
I puckered my nose,I rolled up my sleeves,arms ready to bend,
Batsman in front was trepid I knew,was ready to cover and fend,
I also gave him an ribs-full,leaving him writhing and clutching to mend.

The sun was out now and we started to sweat and swear,
With my 5 th wicket of the innings I knew the end was near,
Being welcomed to home by a beating and censure was my only fear,
Train of thoughts caught me offguard and I developed a muscle tear.

I limped off the field,
neither could bowl,nor could wield,
Agonised by the turn of events I decided to yield,
Atleast I won`t be reprimanded by dad now,my fate and leg both sealed.

Cricket field!!

Missed Call...

Hello !! Hello!! Hello!!

The call was not something ususal,something fishy was there in that call for carousal;
The number I earmarked for perusal,as the calls came well-nigh into the fading visual;

A rustling sound was the only thing I heard from the earpiece butted in the wax-hole;
The person couldn`t possibly was playing pun,more words come out even from the mouth of a mole;
Tell me the name I shouted!,I started to play nervously with my beared,tapped my boot sole;
The quiet increased,I disconnected the call for the tenth time,I thought now police has to play a role;

Measuring the sweat smell in my palms,I recounted the horror to my pals;
They conciled me,said my fear is unfounded,I am reacting like gals;

Though the caller never said a thing,I heared the unsaid loathe,
My head was already in a flux,mouth full of froth,
I vomited the anxiety,and asked him who are you,a tiger or a moth?,
He said,turn back!! I am standing right behind you,you sloth!!

And there he was,my own brother,turning me in,
A cackle escaped from my mouth,No one was the culprit,my fear was my only sin.

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