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Random Rants..(2)

Organised Flutter of Random Mishaps.. Partly a motley,partly a union,crowd gather.You can very well tell that they were conscious.The hum of a thousand and more heartbeats beating out of sync,yet in some resonance,was creating an atmosphere of uniformity.I dread being part. Randomness is where my choices lay.To have a formula is to die.There is no such thing as organised crime.If there is ,it is not a crime.Even in the seemingly flawless tick of a second hand,there exists chances that might cause it to miss its beat. Lest I fall into the miasma of serene mistakes that often have a pattern of repeating themselves,I choose the faraway mask of celebrating uniqueness. But the saplings have seeds in their guts,that I forgot.Slyly,I remnisce!Coyly I regret!Shamly I apologise.Rarely I go back on my mishaps because they leave no imprints,beacause they are random.No option of greater success can befuddle my addled brain to choose wisely. Simply taking a backflip into the enchanting mist can be imme…

Lets Look Left...

Playing With Fire..Hell n Back. Bribe me!Please!! Let me corrupt.Don`t worry about me going to hell! I want to go there myself.
Money!thats what drives me.It frees my insolence.Don`t indulge me too much though.But just give me enough to worry about.Getting on the wrong end of the stick doesn`t worry me any more.Actually I feel that all this while,education,morals,rules..they were there to make sure that there is a smooth transition from morals to more-'Ale's.Once you bite the golddust,you cannot go back.A monk can ofcourse sell his ferrari but he can`t past with tryst with luxury.Achieving salvation is also a luxury.Its a sin.But to escape the wordly sins to make the altar of the unworldly is itself a sin.One always is envious of himself first and then of others.You can`t escape the feeling,so drown yourself in it.Year by year you escape the inevitable.Getting waylaid by some goon or get some goon waylay someone for you is a fool`s choice. Don`t be mistaken.Love is another form o…

Luck Denies...Deny Luck The Luxury..

Luck Culls : Curse the Spare

Running out of luck?Feeling undone?mistreated?Unjustly persecuted?
You`ve every right to be agrieved!!
But look no further.Your luck is standing just besides you.Cull him,because he`ll leave you anyway.Before your charm takes liking to someone else`s fortunes,you drop the returning ladder.
But everyone I meet seems at edge,seems unlucky.So who is the lucky guy then?Where all the lucks are exodussing?The saying goes opposite poles attract,but it seems lucks are more like honey bees or part of some ant family.They all seem to be struck at few ebony heads born with silver spoons and paddy unblemished feet.These exceptions in the now general law of misery are never pushed to think about whether they are lucky or his distant relative.But they aren`t.They leech lucks,they are like the breeding grounds for enslaving and ensnaring other`s luck charms.
       The definition of the white halo ring  round one`s head rests on the heady levers that conveniently push/pull th…

Dont Wait For Love...Feel It...

"Seldom I felt you" ,"Often I waited"

Are you within me or it is just that air that shivers past in your lacuna? I can`t answer this.My lips quiver but they fail to meet.Your absence is one big truth but your presence is an even bigger truism.
   Laggard as I`ve been,I still beat those who feel that life`s a race ..I know better.I know its not about who finishes atop but about who finishes.My patience waivers,yet I wait.Irritated,I often chuck the threadball of romance out of the window,but I found much to my chagrin and in equal measure delight that its one end is always tied to my heart sleeve.Impossible to seperate,I coil back the inhibitions.
        Every other face I cast my steely eyes on,I see you,I expect you.I anticipate that surprise thump on my back from the alley corners I frequent.A face,unblemished,full of sunny disposition beams at me with all its strength.I feel that radiance,that power which helps me define you for you.You are everywhere,yet you are …