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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imagine the creativity within ...

Imagination Fails to Impress upon Ideas Of Creativity...
Creativity plays hide and seek with imagination...

The greatest mismatch!The round peg in the square hole!The wrong sword in the scabbard.Still they are very much connected.By a thread so loosely woven that the cloth is almost threadbare.I dream,I imagine,I pour my heart out on paper.But what`s the level of grain that these two sheets share & are able to rub upon each other?
         When I think about the immense possibilities that my mind throws at me & when I am circumspect of my senses,be it vision,touch or auditory ,I am deceived.The unhinged collusion is automatic & it culminates into an beautiful hypnotic chimera.

     Creativity fills my heart!It dominates my vision and transcends my sense of time.The srewing of nut makes me to look beyond the mundane rotation and draws my eyes towards the markings and how they move and accept each other`s presence.In a fishbowl,I seldom see the creatures rebounding off the glass walls but the transparent pasting of the picture onto the backwall excites me.
       The flux of the indifferent field of creativity makes the diodes of my hands manoeuver the pencil to create one magnum opus after other,also lets me unleash the gravity of a hammer on the anvil,also let my hand release the accelerator in the nick of time to avoid the incoming road dasher.
                   Seeing the beauty & precision in the burn marks or the scars berefts me of the desire to chase away beauty in its crude form.Also the culture I have been exposed to impinges on my creativity and it frees me in another way thus rendering me to let go of myself.Retrenching from the norms in a way feeds the burner of creativity like a high temp ethanol.The fuel of the satisfaction in drawing set stares & awes in amazement from the other set of retinas gets the word ordinary being reduced to flotsam.The jetlag of being outflown by others in the rat race demand a jacuzzi of creativity with oils and fragrances of imaginative ideas.
Books give you ideas that you have already promulgated or about to in the future.The book instilled in your eyes dosen`t have any topics to boot,it is purely ephemeral in context and size.The bookmarks are the only concrete roadmarkers in an otherwise indiscernible life journey.
     The jargons clutter our creativity and reduce our mindframe to a paltry dictionary of heavy words bombarded from outside,where as the way should be the inwardly out starting with the simple idea that fissions out to become a creative mcbeth.
    Time isnt a constraint in being an imaginative and creative person.Time itself is creative notwithstanding the popular belief that it is monotonous.It races past when your creative glands are on work and it snails when you are becoming stagnant and unproductive.I also try to be creative in practising religion.While meditating,I imagine that I have become thoughtless.And my creativity and imagination safely locked in a safe and chained away to be throwned deep down in the darkest nook of the mariana trench.

Be creative ...Add spice to your life ..
Be imaginative may not afterall be so real ...
 But if you cant just be yourself ..

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